Best Middle School Books of the Year

For kids ages 9-12, take in the best middle school books and late elementary reads of the year.

From A Fish in a Tree to Crenshaw to Roller Girl, this year was an amazing one for new middle school books!

Be sure to check out all of the best new books for kids of the past years!

Find the best middle school books of 2015 at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Best New Books for Middle School and Late Elementary of 2015 | Mommy Evolution

Best Books of 2015 for Middle Schoolers

My kiddo, who has struggled with dyslexia, has become a voracious reader!

We are seriously sining our teeth into this level of reading… but now that he’s reading on his own, I don’t always get to read these stories to him.

But why not spend some time with your kiddo reading these aloud.

It’s a terrific way to share the love of reading and spend quality time with your kiddo.


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    1. I love reading them aloud with my oldest boy… he’s not reading them on his own but we get to have time at night to just be together. It’s the perfect excuse!

  1. m. walmer says:

    The Nest is for SURE not appropriate for ages 9-12..just the first few pages will tell you that, yikes.

  2. The Nest is definitely not for youth. All the other ones look great, we’ve read some and enjoyed them. But I would not let a 9-12 year old read The Nest.

  3. Thank you for compiling this list. If the Nest is recommended, now I’m questioning the rest of them. I stopped reading the Nest on page 2. Have you read the Nest?

    1. I am a middle school teacher and love finding good book recommendations. I even jotted a couple down from this list …but then I got to The Nest, which caused me hesitation and made me consider the credibility of the entire list. I have read The Nest. It was simply okay, didn’t love it, lent it to my friend to read but most certainly wouldn’t recommend for children. It contains a high level of sexuality (drugs, alcohol, car accident, fraud) and really doesn’t have a single sympathetic character. It’s pretty much a book about being discontent, desperate, and self-serving. The majority of the characters are adults who make bad choices. I strongly do not recommend for children 9-12. I do, however, highly recommend removing it from this list at least to maintain the credibility of the rest of the list (because many are truly good books) but especially so that no one purchases it thinking it would make a great read aloud or lit circle option! Yikes.

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