Benefits of Owning a Pet for Kids

If you have children, you may be surprised at some of the benefits of owning a pet for your kid.

And while we’re talking about pet ownership, I’m a dog person myself!

Today I welcome Michelle at World Dog Finder to talk about why owning a dog may be a terrific idea for your family.

Be sure to learn more how to support your pets and how your pets support you.

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Being a dog owner is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.

This is nothing new to existing dog owners who are very well aware of all the positive things their dogs bring into their lives.

However, many new parents are faced with their kids’ relentless begging for a pet.

If you’re on the fence and you’re not entirely sure whether you should get a dog, read the ongoing benefits of owning a pet.

5 benefits of owning a pet

Benefits of Owning a Pet

Before we go into details about the benefits your kids might get from a dog, the first thing you should know is – you will have to take care of the dog.

When kids want something, they will give us all sorts of promises.

Still, when the time comes to pick up their first poop or go for a walk in the rain, those promises seem forgotten.

Nevertheless, there are many fantastic things your kids can learn from owning a dog.

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5 surprising benefits having a family dog

Kids with pets are healthier

This shouldn’t be too surprising, but kids with pets, especially dogs, are healthier.

If you get a family-friendly dog, like a Golden Retriever, you should also know these dogs are active.

They love running, hiking, swimming, and having fun, and who better to have fun with than with kids?

These dogs are gentle, loving, and affectionate, which is precisely why they are the most popular choice of American families.

girl hugging golden retriever dog wearing a hoodie sweatshirt

Goldies need activity, and kids that have to take their dogs to parks and walks get on average 11 minutes of more activity per day.

That adds up to 77 minutes a week and 4.004 minutes a year.

That’s more than 66 hours a year more than kids without dogs.

Plus, kids with dogs are less likely to have allergies weak immune systems, and owning a dog speeds up brain development. 

toddler walking little dog on leash - benefits of owning a pet teaching responsibility early on

Responsibility – Benefits of Owning a Pet

In this modern world, responsibility is one of the best things parents can teach their kids. However, it is often one of the hardest virtues to teach.

The good news is that dogs can help us teach our kids about responsibility.

Your child will learn that dogs need to eat, be trained, walked, groomed and socialized.

Kids of all ages can take on specific responsibilities.

The youngest ones can be responsible for giving the dog food, and older kids can take them for walks and groom them.

Make sure they know what they’re responsible for.

The sooner they start developing their sense of responsibility, the better for everyone. 

girl hugging border collie black and white dog in wintertime on deck - shows the benefits of owning a pet

Compassion and nurturing

Compassion and nurturing are fantastic traits to possess, and dog owners are usually very compassionate and nurturing.

Kids will learn these things from taking care of the family dog.

Again, kids these days will have more stress than ever in history, and developing compassion can be difficult.

It is one of the traits we all could use more of.

Nurturing is not something we are born with.

It is a skill that needs to be learned, and if your kid is taking care of others from the earliest part of their life, it is very likely they will be nurturing in their adult life as well. 

middle school boy laughing holding pug dog with red and white striped bowtie on

Popularity and comfort

These two things are not necessarily connected in life. However, kids with dogs are more popular.

The reason is simple – kids spontaneously start talking about their pets, which is something other kids can relate to.

Children with fewer friends get comfort from their dogs, encouraging them to talk to others and build their confidence.

There was an interesting survey that asked parents to rate their kid’s anxiety levels and withdrawal.

Interestingly, parents that have kids and dogs rated kids with dogs a lot less anxious and withdrawn. 

late elementary age girl with her golden colored small dog

Benefits of Owning a Dog: Learning

Kids with pets, cats or dogs, learn better.

Many parents reported their kids reading stories to their pets.

In some cases, kids even show their pets pictures in the books they’re reading.

Many pets love nothing more than being close to “their humans,” and when your child calms down and starts reading, the dog might curl up next to them.

They will ask for pets, and kids usually oblige.

Petting a dog while reading actually helps with concentration!

little girl in blue coat hugging husky dog in autumn with leaves on the ground

In an interesting research, children were tasked with reading in front of other kids, adults and dogs, and the researchers measured the stress levels kids were experiencing.

All of them were completely relaxed in front of the dog, making them read better. 

If you believe these things might be good enough reasons for you to get a dog, you should know you will benefit as well.

Plus, dogs are the only ones (other than parents) that will love us unconditionally. 

About Author Michelle Davis

Michelle is a mother of two and a long-time dog owner. She had two boys, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and an African Grey parrot.

She is a content creator for World Dog Finder ( since she is a vet technician.

Michelle moved to Florida in 2014 and is raising her family alongside her pets.

Writing is her passion, and she loves sharing her experience with other pet lovers, parents, and the professional community. 

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