5 Benefits Of Building Blocks for Toddlers and Babies

Other than just being an entertainment tool, there are lots of other benefits of building blocks for your kids.

Let’s face it, building block toys have always been a favorite among children thanks to the fact that they are both fun and challenging, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. 

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5 Benefits Of Building Blocks for Toddlers and Babies | Mommy Evolution

benefits of building blocks

Here are 5 of those benefits:

Better Motor Skills

Using building blocks requires your child to put them in a position so that they do not topple over.

As a result, hand-eye coordination improves the more the child plays.

The act of grasping the blocks itself serves as good practice for gripping objects, and strengthens the fingers and hands of the child.

Mental Stimulation

Your child learns to think logically when playing with building blocks.

After a few tries at building something and watching the blocks topple over, your child will learn that the blocks have to be arranged and placed properly to prevent that from happening.

An older child will also realize that a stronger base can be made if you arrange most of the blocks at the bottom.

Logical thinking skills are crucial in a child’s intellectual development.

Math And Vocabulary Skills

Studies have shown that the inclusion of building blocks in playtime helps develop language and mathematical skills among children.

Language skills develop when the child learns the names of the colors, shapes and sizes of building blocks.

Mathematical skills are sharpened when a child learns to add up or subtract the number of building blocks required to build a structure.

As such, it’s easy to see why building blocks are a great preschool learning tool.

Improves Creativity

Children learn how to create different structures using building blocks, and this stimulates their creative mind.

Thus building blocks offer a good base to encourage a child’s creative abilities and not just the logical.

Encourages Positive Social Interaction

Building blocks are the type of toys that a child can share with others.

By encouraging them to play together they learn how to interact and cooperate.

This is among the first forms of teamwork your child can engage in.

It may be difficult to comprehend how toys as simple as building blocks offer so many benefits, but it’s wonderful to know that age-old, simple toys can serve such good purposes.

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    1. Building blocks toys can advance learning and create physical aptitudes in kids. They are one of the most established and least difficult of all toys; in different shapes and painted distinctive hues. The greater part of us recall these from our own childhood. Our guardians, grandparents and numerous eras before that would likewise recollect, affectionately, the hours went through building with these toys.

    2. Amazing post thanks you for sharing ,i’m very confused what kind of gifts to buy for my nephew and I was looking for a useful toys which can encourage him in learning, these block toys are really the perfect gifts for him. Hope he would love to play and learn with them.

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