How to Cook Mess-Free Bacon in the Oven

If you shy away from making bacon at home, this mess-free way to cook bacon in the oven is going to change the way you think about breakfast.

With just a baking sheet, some parchment paper and your favorite bacon, you can achieve crispy, evenly cooked bacon with minimal effort. This post contains affiliate links.

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How to Cook Mess-Free Bacon in the Oven | Mommy Evolution

The thing is… I don’t make bacon at home.

It’s messy. It takes long and, quite honestly, I would eat it all if I could.

But then I thought, I know people actually bake bacon in the oven. What if we did that instead?

Leave it to my sister-in-law to know how to make bacon in the oven.

She said it’s the only way she does it now.

And now that I know how to do it mess-free, I have a feeling we’re going to have bacon in the house a lot more.

The interesting thing was as the bacon was cooking, my husband came down.

He said smelling that bacon in the house reminded him of when he was young and his mother would make bacon.

It’s funny how you can be married to someone for a long time and still learn new things about them.

Just for that story alone I’m willing to make more bacon in the house!

Life should be filled with good memories and reasons to relive them 🙂

Okay, you’re probably saying.. hey Jenny.

I want to know how you make making bacon mess-free and stress-free.

Let’s get down to business!


  • Bacon
  • Baking Sheet
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Toweling Paper

Directions for bacon in the oven:

Preheat the oven to 350 degree F.

Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Make sure you have foil big enough to cover the sheet without having to overlap pieces.

Also, make sure you have thick enough aluminum that it won’t easily tear.

Bacon in pan

Line up your bacon on the sheet, making sure the individual pieces aren’t touching. Otherwise, they stick together.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until the bacon starts to brown.

The cooking time completely depends on the thickness and cut of your bacon, so be sure to check at the 15 minute mark, then the 20.

Once bacon starts to brown, it can quickly begin to get burnt to just watch it until you know how your oven bakes.

Take the sheet out of the oven and let it cool for just a minute or two.

Bacon done

Move the bacon to your paper toweling and soak up the extra oil. Be sure not to puncture the foil.

Once the oil is cooled more on the aluminum foil, very carefully fold up the aluminum foil… you have some fabulous eating and a clean pan!

Seriously… I can’t believe it took me this long to try this out.

And I also can’t believe how easy it was.

There will be a lot more happy weekend breakfasts in my house.

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    1. Does it splatter in the oven? I have wanted to try this for a while now but I haven’t because I didn’t want to have to scrub my oven.

    2. While baking, cover the top with a piece of parchment to prevent splatter. Parcment underneath and you can re-use the foil lined pan.

    3. My brother swears by this method, but I always thought it would splatter and the oven would start to smoke. I am going to try this since you have had such luck with it. Thanks for sharing!

    4. I like making bacon this exact way– but yes it is easy to burn– but then bacon is always easy to burn no matter how it is cooked! Thank you for sharing at Best of the Weekend!

      Liberty @

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