Baby Products That Helped Me Survive the First Year

When you’re pregnant and just starting to buy baby products, it seems like you need absolutely everything.

It’s easy to get swept up in the hype, and it can be difficult to figure out what you truly need.

I remember walking the isles of a children’s store and latching on to complete strangers, asking their opinions about what they used for their first kids.

When I was shopping for my second child, I remember looking at these lost faces in the isles, wondering what on earth they should be buying.

I’m going to help you out here and tell you the seven baby products that helped me survive the first year. This post contains affiliate links. 

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Baby products that help me survive the first year | Mommy Evolution


Additional Baby Items

As a side note, I should mention the two things my boys would say are their favorite baby items that they still love to this day.

The first would be their lovies from Bunnies By the Bay.

Our pediatrician said our boys could have them as infants, and they have loved them ever since.

I have yet to find cuter ones and love giving them as gifts. (Tip: Buy extras in case you lose one over the years or throw one in the wash.)

The second would be their Little Giraffe blankets.

They are super cuddly and unbelievably soft.

Plus, my boys just love the satin trimming.

My kids still curl up with their blankies even though they’ve well outgrown them.

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 First Year

Must-Have Baby Items for the 1st Year for Expecting Moms

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  1. This is a great list. Don’t forget the car seat and gear to feed baby. I really wish that I would have bought a Moby wrap so that I could have worn my baby around the house. I bought something similar to the Baby Bajorn and I didn’t like it.

    1. Oh that’s a bummer. I tried some of the newer wraps and I was so paranoid the baby was going to fall out I stuck with the Bjorn.

  2. Love it! I know a lot of people who thought the boppy was useless, but I’ve used it constantly (and I’ve exclusively formula fed!) with our little girl. She’s 6 months now and it’s perfect to put around her while she’s sitting up. I don’t have to worry about her falling backward and smacking her head!
    We bought a Jeep brand carrier and I have a peanut shell sling. I love my sling, my husband loves the jeep carrier! To each his own.
    I would add a bumbo to this list as well. My daughter’s always loved hers (my mom let me borrow the one from her house because I was sure we wouldn’t need one!)

    1. We adored our hoppy. And we used it ALL the time when the boys were learning how to sit. I can’t believe how many pics we have of them surrounded by the Boppy 🙂 I was always worried about the slings which is why I loved our bjorn (plus is was manly enough for hubby)… but they have significantly changed even in the past couple of years to be better.

  3. Although I agree that a baby carrier is essential for the first year (and beyond), there are many brands that are more comfy for baby and mom. Beco, ergo, Tula, and Kinderpack to name a few.

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