6 Ways to Reduce Food Cravings

Diets sound good in theory, but everything can quickly go out the window when we find ourselves craving foods we shouldn’t.

Cravings are so powerful that many of us give up our new healthy eating plans altogether.

If you’re trying to lose weight or get healthy, here are some great ways to reduce those annoying cravings.

6 Ways to Reduce Food Cravings

1. Don’t Try to Cut Out Too Much

Trying to cut out all of your favorite foods in one go could make it a lot harder to fight the cravings. Instead, make your changes gradually. It takes time, but you can get used to going without certain foods or drinks.

2. Drink More Water

If you’re simply feeling hungry then try glugging down some water. Studies have shown that water can help fill people up and reduce cravings. In fact, we often think we feel hungry – but that feeling often comes from dehydration! If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, try drinking tea.

3. …But Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol!

Drinking alcohol is a classic cause of food cravings. When we drink, we stop thinking as clearly and we’re a lot more likely to give into cravings. Not to mention the fact that a hangover the next day can really make greasy foods look a lot more appealing!

4. Don’t Keep Unhealthy Foods in the House

You won’t be able to give into cravings for foods that you don’t have access to! Create a shopping list and stick to it. And it helps if you don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. This also applies to eating out, too. Try to avoid places that sell those unhealthy foods you keep indulging yourself in.

5. Make Small Changes

Even if you’re not buying unhealthy treats anymore, you still need something to snack on! Try substituting your favorite snacks for healthy alternatives (e.g. by eating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate). This means you’ll be able to snack, but it won’t do as much damage to your diet when you do.

6. Give In Every Now and Again

A lot of these tips have started with the word “don’t”. The truth is, always concentrating on what you can’t do can leave you feeling down and more vulnerable to cravings. So understand it’s perfectly OK to give into that sweet tooth every now and again. Give yourself a cheat day every week where you can eat whatever you like, guilt free!



  1. Like these tips. Nothing too crazy. Another could be don’t keep Halloween Candy around lol

  2. It really is about making small changes and slowly making your way towards a healthier lifestyle. The less I buy junk food, the less we are used to having it around. After a while, the kids don’t notice as much and start reaching for fruit and veggies for snack time. Plus, it is hard to eat poorly when your house is stocked with better choices. That being said, I still have cookies in the cupboard. It’s all about moderation!! Great post!

  3. I totally agree that small changes will make a bigger difference over time. I try to stick to 3 small changes for my health at any given time–more than that, and I get overwhelmed.

    I ate a lot of fast food growing up, and in college I got addicted to soda. We moved to a place where it’s hard to get fast food, so that helped immensely. I still give in to a soda once every two weeks ago, but that’s a thousand times better than my 20+ oz a day habit in college. Yikes!

    Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Great tips – again, seems like common sense, but is great to have a reminder! Thanks!

  5. Great tips! I am struggling with this right now! It’s really funny how I can completely predict the time of the month by how out of control I get with cravings. Seriously, I always thought that was an excuse, until I started eating well and noticed how terrible my cravings would get before I realized the timing! I need to stay strong and take some of your advice – thanks for linking up!

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