Summer Crafts and Activities

We just adore Summer — the warm bright sun, reading in our backyard hammock, visiting our local beach… Summer just feels wonderful, doesn’t it?

We’re fulling embracing Summer in our house! Welcome to this ultimate collection of Summer crafts, activities, decor and more for the entire family.

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Summer Outdoor Activities

Ever feel like everything costs money? There’s no reason to break the bank just because the kids are home for the summer. Here are 200 FREE summer activities you can do with the kids to keep you all busy and having fun!

With summer, we don’t have to say goodbye to the mud puddles of Spring. Let’s continue the fun with these wonderfully dirty, mud sensory activities.

A sweltering summer day is the perfect time for some inventive ice and water sensory play for kids. With a little creativity and forethought, you can let your child experiment with different sizes, shapes and even colors of ice while cooling them off from the heat.

Building a sensory garden can be extremely fulfilling for older kids, giving them a wonderful sensory outlet while connecting them to nature. And what fun for them to build on these sensory garden ideas to make one of their own.

Outdoor finger painting is SO much more than just making a pretty picture. This activity is a full-on sensory experience that gets kids using their bodies, imagination and senses.

Ice is such an easy ice sensory activity but is often overlooked. While there are lots of sensory things you can do with ice, this Ice Smash activity will be loads of fun and get some energy out.

Kids learn through pretend play… but sometimes we forget that kids will benefit from learning about events we take for granted – including picnics! Try this wonderful picnic activities themed unit for tots and preschoolers to get kids active and engaged.

Keep Reading & Learning

Get your kids reading this summer! These summer reading lists will keep your kids excited about reading throughout the holiday.

Learning shouldn’t stop just because school is out. In fact, stepping too far away from the books can result in a learning loss, often called the summer slide. Fight it with fun!

Check out these FREE summer reading programs to entice your child to keep reading over the summer. You’ll love that their still doing “school work” while they’ll think they’re having fun and earning cool stuff.

Butterflies are an amazing way for kids to learn about the amazing life cycle of nature. And these butterfly books for children will help them understand just what a butterfly has to go through to become a beautiful insect.

Summer is here, which means sunshine, warm weather and beaches! Grab a towel, I’m sharing the 20 best books about beaches for children book list.

Don’t let your children’s reading skills dwindle during the summer slump. This Summer Reading List for Early Elementary will keep them engaged and wanting to read!

Summer is a time for taking a break from school, right? Wrong! And this Elementary Summer Reading List will keep them engaged!

Why not even spend some time reading aloud to your middle schooler? Just because they’re older doesn’t mean they still don’t love being read to. This Middle School Summer Reading List will keep them reading!

Summer Crafts

It’s time to get out the sandals. And while I love cheap flip flops at much as the next person, they’re so much more fun decorated. Try out these 15 ways to dress up flip flops.

Want an inspiring way to bring the beach to your crafting table? Try this imaginative DIY Beach Ball Pinata Tutorial.

Summer Excursions & Adventures

My family loves loves loves Six Flags. But it can get pretty darn expensive fairly quickly. So how can the family enjoy the thrills without walloping your wallet?

I think Chicago is one of the finest cities in the world. But it can be costly if you don’t know how to use the city. Today we’re talking about 25 free summer activities in Chicago you can do with the kids and whole family!

Summer Recipes for Kids

There is nothing like spending a lazy day by the pool cooling off with a refreshing ice pop. Start off summer the right way by sharing an amazing homemade strawberry kiwi spritzer popsicle recipe.

One of my kids’ favorite parts of summer is watermelon! Add some extra delight to your table with these fun ways to serve watermelon to your kids!

Summer Toys

Our kids often love to (and need to) swing. Plus, it can be just as therapeutic for an adult. As I’m doing my homework, I thought I’d share some of our favorite swings.

Ultimate Family Summer Guide - Kid Activities, Crafts & Adventures