Sensory Summer: A Series of Summer Sensory Activities for Kids, Toddlers and Babies

Welcome to Sensory Summer!

The Sensory Summer Series is a series of summer sensory activities, crafts and ideas you can do with your kids over the summer break.

I encourage you to follow us all summer and visit this Sensory Summer landing page to get the latest sensory fun for your kiddos.

Every week there will be a NEW sensory activity.

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Want more sensory ideas? Be sure to check out our other fun sensory activities for kids!

Sensory Summer: A Series of Summer Sensory Activities for Kids, Toddlers and Babies | Mommy Evolution

Why host a series of sensory activities you can do all summer? Because summer is when we usually take a break.

But the fact is, kids never take a break! And neither should their learning.

Whether you use this series to help build your child’s sensory system or to help fulfill your child’s sensory diet due to Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism, you’ll find fun and easy sensory activities you can easily do at home!

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This post is part of a new sensory series hosted by Mommy Evolution in partnership with The Sensory Spectrum.

After this summer sensory series is complete, watch for more creative sensory series from fabulous bloggers on Mommy Evolution.

Summer Sensory Activities for Kids, Toddlers and Babies


Five easy sensory baby activities her infant loves that are great sensory explorations for children under a year old.

10 Ways to Use Weighted Sensory Stuffed Animals


Weighted sensory stuffed animals are a great way to help your sensory seeking child to feel calm, more relaxed and more focused.

Vertical Writing: Tips for Building Writing & Core Muscles

This summer let your child continue to build writing muscles as well as core muscles while having a good time with vertical writing.

Everyday Sensory Activities for Kids to do at Home


Learn some simple secrets about how to fit in everyday sensory activities to meet your child’s sensory diet needs and keep your child balanced — just from using the household furniture!

Creative Ice and Water Sensory Play Ideas | Mommy Evolution

A sweltering summer day is the perfect time for some inventive ice and water sensory play for kids.

Sun Protection Tips for Tactile Defensive Children | Mommy Evolution


Sunscreen ideas and tips based on personal experience in how to get your kids protected in the summer and stop the sunscreen drama.

Sensory Garden Ideas for Children - Gardening with Kids!

Building a sensory garden can be extremely fulfilling for older kids, giving them a wonderful sensory outlet while connecting them to nature.

Mud Sensory Play - Tips for Making the Ultimate Toddler Playdate


What is it about mud sensory play and getting up to your elbows in messy fun?

OT at Home for Sensory Seekers


There are some easy ways you can help establish a regiment of OT at home that will help fill in some of your child’s occupational therapy needs.

Outdoor Tactile Sensory Finger Painting | Mommy Evolution

Looking for a fun tactile sensory activity for your kiddo this summer? Outdoor finger painting is SO much more than just making a pretty picture.

15 Fun Food Sensory Bins and Activities for Kids | Mommy Evolution


Food sensory bins allow our children to experience not only different tactile sensations but also the sights and smells of the items!

The ONE Sensory Product My Kid Can't Live Without


Are you searching for the perfect sensory outlet for your seeker?

While there are a LOT of sensory products out there, there is one sensory outlook most overlooked at home.

Sensory Benefits of Yoga for Kids | Mommy Evolution


The sensory benefits of yoga for kids are impressive! Yoga is a GREAT way to get proprioceptive (joints/heavy work) and vestibular (inner ear/balance) input.

And it’s just plain fun.

Corn Sensory Activity. Corn shucking is deceptively simple, but offers tactile, fine motor and hand strengthening outlets.


Having your children shuck corn is deceptively simple but offers a complex corn sensory table without them even knowing.

10 Ways to Play on a Balance Beam for Kids - Teaches them stability and body awareness | Mommy Evolution


Balance beams are an amazing sensory outlet for all kids!

They encourage stability/balance (engaging the muscles involved) as well as body awareness about where their body is in space.

Mix Nature & Sensory! Investigate Plants and Flowers on a Light Table! | Mommy Evolution


Investigating flowers on the light table is a fabulous way to use children’s sensory perceptions to deepen their learning.

And while you’re working on your child’s sensory systems, you’ll probably want to find some great toys that keep on building those sensory systems!

I’ve pulled together a complete guide to toys to help you find the best ones for your child, including Gross motor, fine motor, vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual and oral.

Sensory Products for Kids!

Ultimate Guide to Sensory Toys and Products for Kids | Mommy Evolution


    1. Absolutely! I’m so excited to see what everyone is coming up with for this series. It’s going to be a lot of fun 😀

  1. I love these ideas! Perfect timing! School is almost out! OMG! Ha! And even though my son is older, he still loves hands-on activities! Sharing with and piining for my Montessori mom peeps!

    1. Yeah! I’m so glad you’re joining us for the summer. I’m over the moon about this series and so excited for all of the wonderful sensory activity my fellow mommies are going to share via The Jenny Evolution this summer 😀

  2. Looks like a lot of fun things to play with here. An child could have a great time.

    1. Yeah! So glad you’re joining us, Selena. I am crazy excited about what everyone is putting together for the summer. 😀

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