Explore Color: Easy Rainbow Craft with Cardboard Pizza Rounds

Spring is just around the corner, which has us wishing for sunny and warmer weather.

And what says Spring better than rainbows?

Many rainbow crafts allow children to explore color, but what if you encouraged your child to create a new kind of rainbow?

Rather than following the typical color scheme, encourage your child to re-imagine what a rainbow might look like.

What if a rainbow wasn’t striped?

What if a rainbow was made up of different shades of green?

What would a rainbow feel like if we could touch its colors?

The possibilities are endless.

Explore Color: Easy Rainbow Craft with Cardboard Pizza Rounds | Mommy Evolution

Easy Rainbow Craft

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Pizza rounds (Of course, you can always do this on paper or construction paper, but kids love using different materials.)
  • Crayons, markers
  • Glitter, pom poms, feathers or any other decorative items you have around. (We want to keep this simple, right?)


  • Cut pizza rounds in two
  • Cut out a small semicircle from the bottom to create a rainbow shape
  • Encourage the kids to go to town!
    • Ask them questions about color
    • Talk about color schemes
      • What if the rainbow was all shades of green?
      • Do some colors relate to each other? How about orange and red?
      • If you are working in paints, you can talk about mixing paint and see what colors the rainbow would have then
Explore Color: Easy Rainbow Craft with Cardboard Pizza Rounds | Mommy Evolution

First, I should say that my boys were so psyched to draw on the pizza rounds.

It was something different that we don’t have often.

Whenever we make frozen pizza, I always save the cardboard circle pizza rounds to make something else with the boys.

It’s fun to use a different material, and the kids really like the texture of the cardboard. (Plus, it makes a funny sound if you color really fast on it.Ha!)

In this exercise, my seven year old thought the rainbow ought to still have stripes but also gave it glistening raindrops.

He colored as he normally would and then added the pom poms for extra color and pop.

Explore Color: Easy Rainbow Craft with Cardboard Pizza Rounds | Mommy Evolution

My five year old didn’t want to do a “traditional” rainbow. Instead, he drew a pattern of shapes and then colored them in with similar colors.

He used oranges and pinks.

Then he added a splash of purple and turquoise just for fun.



  1. Thank you so much for this! We are always looking for fun and inexpensive crafts for Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. This will be perfect!

  2. This is a great idea and great way to get rid of those stupid pizza boxes that always seem to be the last thing that’s taken out with the rest of the trash. (little note to my husband in there lol)

    1. Ha! I understand that. And I do love that you get to use materials you have in the house that would just get recycled anyway.

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