Most Popular Recipes of the Year!

Do you love to whip up something in the kitchen on the weekends? Or perhaps you’re a busy mom who loves to find family-friendly recipes for the weekdays. Either way, you’re going to find what you’re looking for with these most popular recipes of the past year!

Year Most Popular Recipes (3)


For fun, I thought I’d look up the most popular recipes I personally shared this year. From Pinterest to Facebook, you all have some clear favorite recipes! My goodness – my top recipe smoked them all!!! (You sure do love your Starbucks, folks.)

Check out your top 5 favorites below to make sure you didn’t miss any of the best posts.

1. DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

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2. Ice Cream Snickers Cake

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3. Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake Copycat Recipe

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4. Simple Coconut Macaroons

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5. Weekend Breakfast Casserole

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I have to admit, my mouth is watering after looking at the top recipes from all of these wonderful bloggers! I love the variety of recipes, too.

After each recipe, you’ll also see a link that will take you to the most popular recipes of the year from that blogger. Oh, you’re going to by B.U.S.Y. and happy in the kitchen this year! Let’s get cooking!!!


1. Southern Style Cabbage Soup

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2. Seafood Lasagna

> See more fabulous recipes from It’s me, debcb!

3. How to Cook Perfect Salmon

> See more fabulous recipes from The Soccer Mom Blog

4. Shrimp, Tomato and Bleu Cheese Flatbread

> See more fabulous recipes from Our Good Life

5. Mamma’s Famous Roasted Chicken

> See more fabulous recipes from Nerdy Mamma

6. Green Chile Chicken Tamale Cupcakes

> See more fabulous recipes from The Cents’Able Shoppin


1. Foiled Potatoes – A Potato and Onion Recipe

> See more fabulous recipes from My Heavenly Recipes

2. Homemade Sweet Relish

> See more fabulous recipes from Nemcsok Farms

3. Copycat Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice

> See more fabulous recipes from Saving Dollars and Sense


1. Raw Cookie Dough Squares

> See more fabulous recipes from The Holy Mess

2. Super Moist Chocolate Brownies

> See more fabulous recipes from Kidz Activities

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies

> See more fabulous recipes from Crafty Mama in ME

4. One Cake Mix for Two Desserts

> See more fabulous recipes from Play Dough & Popsicles

5. Mini Maple Pecan Cheesecakes

> See more fabulous recipes from Join Us, Pull up a Chair


1. Healthy and Easy Pumpkin Muffins

> See more fabulous recipes from Your Vibrant Family

2. Healthy Hummus

> See more fabulous recipes from Snotty Noses

3. Best Tasting Green Smoothie Ever!

> See more fabulous recipes from Rhythms of Play

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