Gift Guides for the Family

Trying to find just the right gift for someone in your family? You’ll find the perfect gift ideas in these gift guides!

Get more Christmas inspiration — including Christmas recipes, holiday crafts and children’s activities.

Gift Guides for the Family | Mommy Evolution

Gift Guides for the Family

The other week, my husband came downstairs sporting his beloved R2D2 bathrobe. I snapped a pic and posted it on Instagram. Well, people went NUTS over it. And it occurred to me, that perhaps even the best Star Wars fans don’t know about some of the Best Star Wars Gifts out there.

We were so excited for the latest installment to the Minion dynasty and couldn’t wait for those yellow little rascals to show up on the movie screen. As I was searching for some fun things for my boys, I found some Perfect Minion Gifts for your own evil minion lover!

If you’re looking for a gift who is a fan of The Peanuts Movie, much like me, they’re going to love this ultimate guide of Peanuts Movie Gift Guide.

We don’t need a new Star Wars movie to add some Star Wars Christmas Gifts and Decorations to our holiday celebrations.

It isn’t the holidays if you don’t bake something! I’ve pulled together the Ultimate Christmas Cookie Decorating Supplies List and Baking Gifts.

Gift Guides Just for Kids

Hands down, board games are a fabulous educational tool for your little one. As a mom who adores board games herself, here are the Best Board Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers… but your whole family is going to love playing them.

With the beginning of a new school year well and truly in full swing, we bet parents of pre-schoolers are already dreading the day their little ones head off for their very first day. Give them a head start with five of the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers out there.

Get your kids moving with Amazon’s top active play toys! Many of these top Gross Motor and Active Toys will be perennial favorites that will grow along with your child.

Have a child with sensory challenges? As the mom of two kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, I’ve put together Sensory Christmas gifts recommendations for you all. They’re even broken into separate categories to help you pinpoint what your child may like and need.

In addition, check out my top sensory Christmas toy recommendations from last year.

If you have boys, chances are you have a Minecraft lover in the house. Based on what my boys absolutely adore, here are some terrific Minecraft Gift Ideas.

Are your little girls still in love with Ella and Elsa? These adorable Frozen Movie gift ideas make it easier to find the right gift!

If you know someone who loves the Peanuts gang, they’re going to be a fan of this Complete Peanuts Movie Gift Guide.

Dress-up isn’t just for Halloween. You can get just the right costume for your son for with these Boy Disney Costumes all under $30 and GirlsDisney Costumes all under $30.

DIY Gifts

Hot chocolate stir sticks are perfect for when you need a little extra chocolate! And let’s face it… who doesn’t need a little extra chocolate?!?

The secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I would argue that Homemade Food Gifts are always the best kind!

My family calls pampering gifts that we all love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for ourselves “Jenny Gifts.” And Jenny gifts definitely don’t have to cost a lot! Why not pass on the love to your friends and family with these Homemade DIY Spa Gifts.

Every year I say I’m going to make my Christmas gifts myself to give a personal touch to the holidays. And every year I run out of time or the energy to actually do it. But this year I’ve pulled together some Easy, Inexpensive DIY Gifts anyone can make!

Easter Gifts

Rather than buying that 10 pound chocolate Easter bunny for your kids, how about something that will last longer? Here are some Easter Gifts that your children will cherish.

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