Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich: Fun Food for Kids!

People love to joke about what to do with all of those darn turkey leftover. But this sandwich doesn’t require any turkey — but rather uses Thanksgiving as an inspiration.

You can even encourage your kids to play with their food!

This colorful Thanksgiving turkey sandwich is one kids can easily assemble on their own… then gobble up.

Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich: Fun Food for Kids! | Mommy Evolution

Here’s how to prepare the project:

Using a round cookie cutter, cut bread for the main body shape

Cut a variety of fruits, veggies and cheese into leaf shapes. I used apples, peppers, snap peas and cheese

Cut the wattle shapes from an apple or red pepper

Have olive slices on hand for eyes

Cut thin carrot shapes for the beak and legs

These are awesome for all of November but would make a great light lunch before a heavy Thanksgiving dinner, too.


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