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Raising kids is tough. Raising children with extra needs can be particular hard, which is why I’m using Mommy Evolution to share my knowledge of special needs — from Sensory Processing Disorder to ADHD and Dyslexia — to help out other parents in your journey.

Oh my goodness, Mommy Evolution has the best readers!

And here are the most popular special needs posts on Mommy Evolution according to other parents just like yourself.

Most Popular Special Needs Posts of 2016

15 Most Popular Special Needs Posts

Wouldn’t it be lovely if parenting was easy?

Ha! But alas, we all have to pool together and share our knowledge to make us stronger as parents! In our house, we’re managing Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD and depression.

What about in your home?

Let’s take a look at your favorite posts that made them the most popular parenting posts on Mommy Evolution.

ADHD vs. SPD: Why Is It So Darn Hard to Tell the Difference? | Mommy Evolution

1. The problem with telling the difference between ADHD and SPD is they can often present in similar ways.

Kids with either diagnosis can seem hyperactive, impulsive and unfocused.

Combine ADHD with SPD, and the two can cause learning difficulties, make it challenging for relationships with other children and reduce a child’s ability to follow directions and/or complete tasks.

2. I have an absolutely awesome kid who has worked hard to learn how to manage many of his special needs.

Throughout his life, people have offhandedly commented something like “He seems perfectly normal,” which honestly diminishes how much he has struggled (as well as the rest of the family) and how hard he has worked to get where he is.

Let’s talk about the myths about what a kid with special needs actually looks like.

3. When I look at my kids, I often see their quirks as just a part of who they are.

But I do wonder how those sensory quirks will translate as they get older.

Are You Making These Simple Parenting Mistakes with Your ADHD Child?

4. We also made mistakes along the way… but just as important is we learned from our mistakes.

The best thing you can do for your child who has ADHD is to know what mistakes to avoid.

Take a look at some of these simple mistakes parents make with their ADHD child to help you from making the same mistakes.

Sensory Behavior Checklist. Is your child's behavior caused by an unmet sensory need? - Mommy Evolution

5. Have you ever wondered if your child’s behavior is due to just being a kid or is it sensory related?

At the end of the day.. is it behavior or sensory?

Check out this Sensory Behavior Checklist about what the signs of Sensory Processing Disorder are.

What Are the Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder? | Mommy Evolution

6. Have you ever wondered if your child has Sensory Processing Disorder?

Or perhaps it seems your child is hypersensitive to the stimuli around him?

Have you wanted to know what the signs of Sensory Processing Disorder are?

There are lots of red flags for SPD, depending on if your child is hyper sensitive or hypo sensitive.

But the overarching tell-tale sign is a child’s overreaction and under-reaction to the environment around us.

Give Your Child the Tools To Manage Their Own Meltdowns | Mommy Evolution

7. Meltdowns with children can just be brutal.

Sure, children have temper tantrums but meltdown are something completely different.

Meltdowns are when your child is so emotionally overcharged that they lose complete control over themselves. 

The single best way to manage meltdowns is to help your child learn how to manage their emotions before they lose emotional control.

OT at Home for Sensory Seekers

8. For many reasons some families aren’t able to establish occupational therapy (OT) services with professionals for their kids.

Whether it is because insurance won’t pay for it or there aren’t any services available within a reasonable driving distance, parents of children with sensory processing disorder are sometimes forced to start OT services in their home with no training.

There are some easy ways you can help establish a regiment of OT at home that will help fill in some of your child’s occupational therapy needs.

9. Uncovering your child has sensory challenges can be overwhelming! Where is a parent to begin?

Here are the top Sensory Processing Disorder Resources that you should start with. 

As the mom of two sensory kids and publisher of The Sensory Spectrum, I understand how overwhelming a sensory diagnosis can be.

Today, I’m going to give you the four sensory resources every parent should be exhausting to help their kiddos.

Tips to Get Your Sensory Child to Sleep

10. Getting kids to sleep is no easy feat. Here are some tips (and tricks) I’ve learned along the way that can help your child, no matter his age, settle down and get to sleep.

11. I’m tired of my child’s special needs.

I’m tired of the way they impede on my life. I’m tired of the way they impede on my family’s life.

I’m tired of the way they impede on my son’s life.

And honestly, if you were talking with him, he would say he’s pretty darn sick and tired of the way they impede and affect his life, too.

The ONE Trick to Instantly Self-Calm a Child | Mommy Evolution

12. Sometimes we wish we had a magic wand as a parent in getting our children to calm down when their emotions run high.

This simple trick presented will teach your child how to instantly get themselves to self calm in many situations.


How to Help Kids Understand Their Emotions | Mommy Evolution

13. While we may think that kids should be able to identify and communicate how they are feeling, the truth is they have to be taught.

Here are some tips on how to help kids understand their emotions.

Could your child have ADHD or ADD?

14. When my son was young, I often wondered what were the signs of ADHD in children.

Do you think your child may have ADD/ADHD?

Do you see behaviors that make you question if there isn’t something bigger going on with your child?

My One Trick for Moms to Survive a Sensory Meltdown | Mommy Evolution

15. As moms, the voice in our head isn’t always our biggest supporters. How can we get through the tough moments, particularly the sensory meltdowns? 

Today I am sharing my one secret trick that has carried me through each and every sensory meltdown my boys have thrown at me.

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