BOO Your Neighbors this Halloween

Halloween is a time of mischief for many kiddos. But why not make it all in good fun and BOO your neighbors?

Be sure to check out this spooky collection of Halloween ideas, activities and recipes for the entire family. 

BOO Your Neighbors

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When you’re done playing, snuggle up and enjoy these Halloween Books with your child.

It’s the perfect way to tie in the holiday to your Halloween activities!

BOO Your Neighbors this Halloween

We were first BOO’d by our own neighbors years ago. The three young boys next door dropped off a package to our front porch, including goodies, saying we had been “BOO’d” and should pass it on.

My boys, who were just toddlers at the time, were absolutely over the moon about getting BOO’d… and by the cool boys next door, no less!

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This year, we’re starting the chain of events and BOO’ing our own neighbors first.

Boo Kit Materials

How to Properly BOO Your Neighbors

BOO’ing your neighbors takes finesse.

You want to create the perfect goody bags and present them in a creative way.

Half the fun is just seeing the surprise package!

Stock Up on Supplies

For our BOO escapade, I grabbed the Mars Mixed Minis and Wrigley Monster Stash.

Whatever I didn’t use in our BOO kit, I’ve stashed away to give out on Halloween. I’m set!

I then headed to the soda aisle. Did you know that 7UP®, A&W, Canada Dry and Sunkist® have special Halloween cans out?

They’re really adorable.

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Then I made my way to the specially marked Halloween section.

This is where I stocked up on some great stuff to use in our BOO packages.

Some of the additional things I grabbed (besides candy) were some plastic bags to create individual goodies.

We have a couple of houses with multiple kiddos and, as a parent, I always appreciate things being divided out. I also purchased Halloween pencils, which my boys love using throughout the year.

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Plus, I stocked up on some adorable trick or treating buckets that the neighbor girls can then use on Halloween night or to store items at home.

I know we use our trick or treating buckets throughout the year to collect cars, school supplies etc.

They’re just a fun addition to the kids’ space.

Halloween Bags for Kit

Create Your BOO Basket

Now it’s time to create your BOO basket. Putting together your package is fun, but it isn’t complete until you include your own BOO card!

There’s a terrific FREE printable BOO card.

Just cut out this “We’ve been BOO’d sign. Fold the “You’ve been BOO’d” greeting card (page 2) and tape the openings together.

Include the card and sign when gifting BOO bundles.

It’s super simple.

And it includes a FREE sign the kids can put in the front window letting others know they’ve been BOO’d.

Boo Kit Delivery
We put one of our completed BOO buckets on the front porch and included our FREE BOO’d note and sign for the neighbor girls.

My younger son (Hbomb) and I had a blast delivering our BOO packages.

We have two houses near us with three little girls in each.

Hbomb couldn’t decide which house to BOO. So naturally we had to do both houses. Ha!

We snuck up to their homes this weekend, rang the doorbell and ran like the wind so we wouldn’t be there when they opened the door to our BOO surprise.

I did, however, get some lovely texts from parents who suspected we were the culprits.

Guilty as charged!

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