Sing-Along with Disney’s Frozen in Theaters and in 25 Different Languages

We have the fever? Do you have the fever? Frozen fever that is! Unlike Olaf, our friendly snowman, you won’t melt from it. (Although my kids aren’t absolutely in love — read here.)

Disney keeps on whipping us up into a frenzy — this time announcing that they’re releasing a sing-along version of Frozen in more than 1,000 theaters nationwide starting January 31. Start warming up those vocal chords now!

Plus, if you’re addicted to the song “Let It Go” (my boys certainly are), Disney just released an incredibly cool version of the movie song using 25 different languages. It’s worth a watch!

Oh. And if you haven’t pre-ordered the Frozen CDs, you may just miss out on a serious discount. Right now you can secure your own copy for just $19.99 (DVD) or $22.99 (Blu-Ray) on Admit it. You’re going to get it anyway, so you might as well get a good deal before all of the other people pay full price. 🙂



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