Seadog Chicago Review

If you’re visiting Chicago this summer, you’re going to want to know what to do with the family. Read my Seadog Chicago review to find out if it’s the right outing for your family.

Seadog Chicago Review

Seadog Chicago Review

If you’re visiting Chicago, you’re probably want to go check out Navy Pier! And one way to get onto Lake Michigan from the Pier is through the Seadog speedboat attraction.

As a “launch” to our Camp Jenny this summer, we headed down to Navy Pier with our two boys to enjoy the updated pier and try out some new things, which included Seadog Chicago. (I should note that we were not guests of Seadog and all opinions are my own; however Seadog was kind enough to supply some of the photography.)

Seadog Ship

The point of Seadog from our point of view is to get a view of the Chicago city skyline from the water. Seriously, it can’t be beat. There’s a reason it’s one of the most photographed skylines around.

View of Chicago from Seadog

But the other point of doing the Seadog tour is to experience the fun of being on Lake Michigan. And what does that include? Why speed of course!

Toodling around on a boat is nice. But this thing is built for excitement! I’ve taken enough dinner cruises on Lake Michigan for business. It was time to turn things up a notch.


The guide gave us some interesting tidbits about Navy Pier as we worked our way out into open waters. And then the captain let the motor fly! We sped off in one direction along the waterfront, stopped for a moment where our guide shared some quick architectural info and then sped off in the other direction.

In all, I think the tour laster 30 minutes (but don’t quote me). It was long enough for the kids but not so long that they got fidgety.

The tour was quick, fast and fun. It was a chillier day on the day we went, but give me a sunny and warm day and it would have been perfect. The boys loved the speed and my husband and I enjoyed the Chicago views.

I’m not saying that this is a ridiculously touristy thing to do (because it is) but some days, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Bigger Tours of Chicago

If you’re looking for an excellent architectural tour on the water, I highly recommend you actually take a tour that follows the river (which is an option with Seadog but I can’t speak to the quality of that particular tour). It is one of the only things native Chicagoans will actually cop to doing that’s even remotely “touristy” in their city.

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