Bee Mine Valentine Craft

Get ready for a “Bee Mine” crafting adventure that’s as sweet as honey! Dive into the world of creativity with your little ones as you color hearts and transform them into buzzing bee masterpieces for a delightful Bee Mine Valentine Craft.

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Bee Mine Valentine Craft

Dive into the buzz of excitement as you and your child cut, glue and assemble these heart-shaped wonders.

This craft is wonderful fine motor practice for elementary students and older kids can make this on their own without direction. For more fine motor work, make as Easy Valentine Craft.

Also enjoy these printable Bee Valentine Cards and keep the fun going with Nonfiction Books about Bees.

Materials Needed for Bee Mine Valentine Craft

You can easily make this Valentine craft with just a few items!

  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Coloring Markers

Bee Craft Directions

This Bee Mine Valentine Craft is ridiculously easy to make!

Download and print out the free templates. There are 2 pages – one for your child to color in before cutting and one already colored. You can download these templates at the end of this post.

bee mine valentine craft directions

Cut out the hearts and put together the black and yellow hearts together to create the body. Glue on the red hearts for the wings. Add the bee’s antennae. Finally draw a face onto your bee.

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