10 Fall Sensory Bins

Fall sensory bins are the perfect way for little ones to explore the larger world, learning about textures, sounds, smells and sights all while practicing their fine motor skills as they manipulate objects.

Sensory bins don’t have to be as formal as some of these.

Making something as simple as a pile of leaves for your tots to explore can make a terrific version of a sensory bin.

10 Fall Sensory Bins | Mommy Evolution

Fall Sensory Bins

Fall is just around the corner! Think about your favorite smells, sights and sounds about the fall.

Do you yearn for the crunch of dried leaves under your feet? How about the smell of a cool, crisp morning?

Do I even need to mention the scent of mulled apple cider?

Fall Apple Farm Sensory Bin | Mommy Evolution

Fall Farm Sensory Bin from Mommy Evolution

What better way to enjoy a sunny fall day than to explore a fall farm sensory bin outdoors! What particularly makes this fall farm sensory bin fun to explore is it feels like a farm setting.

Fine Motor Fall Sensory Bin + Visual Skills! on Mommy Evolution

Fall Fine Motor Sensory Bin from Mommy Evolution

What is it about fall leaves that folks just can’t resist? Is it the spectacular colors? Or the sounds of the “crunch” when you walk through them?

Fall Farm Harvest Sensory Bin on Mommy Evolution

Food sensory bins allow our children to experience not only different tactile sensations but also the sights and smells of the items!

Fall Sensory Bin from Happy Hooligans

This fall sensory bin is easy to put together using items you may already have around your home and yard.

Apple Rice Sensory Bin from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Apple themed and scent play ideas are always a favorite with kids.

Pumpkin Scented Cloud Dough from Growing a Jeweled Rose

What would it feel like to touch a pumpkin cloud? Could you hold it, mold it, or squish it? We sought to find out the answer to this “3-year-old question” using a few ingredients and a little imagination. 

Pumpkin Sensory Bin from Childhood Beckons

A harmless pumpkin guts sensory bin. It contains the insides of four large pumpkins. I also provided a potato masher, ice cream scoop, spatula, and measuring cups. 

Fall Sensory Tub from Trains & Tutus

It really was amazing how enchanted my kids were with this sensory bin.

Apple Pie Making Sensory Bin by Little Bins for Little Hands

Cloud dough or moon sand is an awesome and simple sensory recipe that is quick to whip up. This apple pie scented cloud dough is also taste safe.  

Fall Farm Sensory Tub from No Time for Flash Cards

We normally play with one these for a few weeks. Repetition is a great thing for kids. It’s not boring so don’t feel like you need a bright shiny new thing every day.

Autumn Sensory Play from Pre-school Play

This sensory bin used chick peas and a bean soup mix as the base as some of my little ones love to fill and empty. A great mix that had autumn colors. 

Harvest Sensory Tub from Counting Coconuts

Like these fall sensory bins? For more sensory friendly ideas, consider the following (may contain affiliate links):

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      1. I’m going to have to make the pumpkin dough one. And, quite honestly, we always make a sensory bin out of the pumpkin goo from when we carve for Halloween.

    1. What a great idea for little ones to experience the touch and smell of fall inside. I can smell those apples and pumpkins as we speak!

    2. Visiting from the PINcentive link party. Thanks for sharing this. I love the fall farm sensory bin!

    3. What great ideas. I never thought about doing this for my son but wow it would really keep him occupied. Thank you for linking up with Wine’d Down Wednesday.

    4. Thank you for these ideas! I think my toddler would love the pumpkin cloud dough. I’m going to give a few of these a try!

      –Pinning this

      –Stopping by from Hump Day Blog Hop

    5. Love these for fall and getting the children to participate by collecting leaves and scenting the rice will be even more fun!

      1. Janell — Have a ball trying out the new sensory activities. Even though my boys are getting older we still pull out the sensory stuff and what better way to get into the season than with fall sensory bins, right?

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