Top Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

What is it with horror movies? Nowadays they seem to be all special effects, blood and screaming. Whatever happened to the well-crafted horror film that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck, even days after watching it?

This Halloween, skip the over-the-top and ridiculous horror films and watch real scary masterpieces in action.

You can find these top horror movies to watch this Halloween at your local library or through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

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Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween. #halloween #movies

Top Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

What is your favorite horror movie? Did it make my list?


  1. I am terrible with Horror movies!!! I can watch suspenseful movies albeit through my fingers which are over my eyes, bit Horror movies are a definite no no in my house!!!!

  2. Rory the Traveling Hedgehog says:

    Great list! nothing but the best here.

  3. Stephen King’s IT and The Exorcist. Terrifying! Also, the Exorcism of Emily Rose. All sooo scary!!

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