Tips for Saving Electricity in the Home

If there is one thing people would love to save money on it is their electricity. It’s always a bill that a person can’t necessarily help. While you do not want to be obsessing about your electricity bill all of the time, there are some things you can do to actually help save electricity in the home. 

Find more sanity saving home tips to help make your house run more smoothly.

Close the Doors

This may seem like common sense, but closing the doors to your front door and back door can save you several dollars on your electricity bill. It’s so easy for kids to leave the doors open, not realizing what they are doing.

Just the other day I was wondering why the house felt colder…. only to discover our front door was wide open! The boys can come in but not make sure the door “clicked” closed. Lesson learned.

Seal up the Cracks

Sealing up the cracks in your home is one important tool to saving electricity. Every tiny crack in your home is a way for air to get in and out. If your home is solely run on electricity, then this is a problem. You can caulk up the cracks, just to make sure no air flows through. 

We work hard on sealing up our windows… which have made a big difference during the winter and summer.

Use the Sunlight

If you have decent windows that don’t let all of your heat or air conditioning out, then use the sunlight. Open up your curtains and turn off the lights in your home. It’s easy to get comfortable with all of your lights on in the home, however, it can also be a costly comfort. Daylight has a purpose, so feel free to utilize it!

We often don’t have any lights on in the house… even though I’m home during the day. We just don’t need them!


  1. Saving electricity is great thing for all of us. it’s really amazing to read this article. thanks to sharing.

  2. The little things mention in the article can save good amount of electricity bill. The points mention are very simple to do. Anyone can use these tips and save some money.

  3. Remedying any air leaks is an important job, indeed. People used to think that this was a part of winterizing home. But no, it’s something that works for you all year round. Caulking your window frames, door frame, electrical outlets, and other structural components help ensure your air stays right where it should be, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
    Thank you for sharing such helpful and relevant content!

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