4 Warning Signs of Bullying

There are many warning signs of bullying, and if you suspect that your child may be getting picked on at school, looking for these signs can help confirm that your suspicion is true.

Some signs are more subtle than others, but they can all point to a case of bullying.

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4 Warning Signs of Bullying Every Parent Should Know... Could your child be a victim of bullying? | Mommy Evolution

4 Major Signs of Bullying

In elementary school I faced bullying and being made fun of almost every day.

I was an easy target — a kiddo who wore her heart on her sleeve and didn’t seem to fit in with the crowd.

It made elementary school very lonely.

I’ve often wondered how those years would have been different if the adults around me had recognized the ongoing bullying and stepped in to help me.

Look for these four major signs of bullying that could be a warning your child is being bullied.

Stepping in and opening up a dialogue with your child could make all the difference in their life.

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Does your child frequently comes home with damaged belongings, torn clothes, or is missing property?

Taking or damaging property, as well as physically harming their victim, is one way children bully each other.

Likewise, if your child frequently comes home with unexplained bruises, scrapes and other injuries they may be a victim of bullying.

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Does your child have few friends or is withdrawing from friends they once associated with?

While friends do come and go throughout school, sudden decreases in friendships may indicate that your child is a victim of bullying.

Children who are bullied often withdraw from things they once cared about because of the stress of their situation.

I know I ended up hiding inside during recess, claiming I’d rather learn how to start programming computers (which was unheard of in the early 80s).

In addition, less popular children are also at an increased risk for bullying.

So if your child has problems making friends they may be a target for bullying.

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Does your child have a sudden, unexplained fear of going to school or a sudden loss of interest in school and activities?

This change in attitude toward school may also indicate that your child is the victim of bullying.

Children are often hesitant to talk about bullying experiences and instead become afraid or uninterested in things they once liked.

If you find your child refuses to talk about school or other activities where bullying could take place, this is also a sign that your child could be the victim of bullying.

If your child is reluctant to talk about their experiences, reassure them that no matter what is going on you are there to help and can only make the situation better.

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Signs of Bully – Is your child experiencing mood swings or unexplained illnesses and complaints of aches and pains?

Children who are the victims of bullying will often make up excuses why they do not want to go to school or come home in a bad mood.

Children will typically try to avoid situations where they are being bullied by using these excuses and it is a classic indicator of a bullying problem, especially if these problems happen unexpectedly.

If ignored, these symptoms can cause a child who is the victim of bullying to lose self-esteem and do poorly in school.

While these symptoms are not always caused by bullying, they are common signs that bullying has occurred.

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, I implore you to further investigate to see what the cause of the problem is and to find ways to solve it.

Children often do not want adult help because they fear that it will only make the situation worse.

If they refuse to talk to you, consider consulting your child’s teacher to get better insight into what is going on.

While there are certainly other warning signs of bullying, beginning to understand some of the more common ones could make all the difference for your child.

If your child is heading off to middle school or already there, these books about bullying for middle school will help your children know they’re not alone.

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    1. I don’t think I was ever bullied. I am very sensitive to the way people feel about me though and easily get my feelings hurt when I can tell someone doesn’t like me even if they don’t express it.

    2. No I was bigger than others. I did however stand up for many of the little guys that were being bullied.

    3. Gosh yes!~ It was awful! Kids were beyond mean to me in high school. Worst thing they did was throw gum in my hair.

    4. I was bullied as a child and it feels awful being picked on and treated terribly! I even was physically assaulted by a classmate. Nobody did anything to stop bullying when I was a kid growing up.

    5. Unfortunately I was bullied in school. It made me much aware of bullying when my son was in school, was able to discuss it with him so he could handle situations positively.

    6. For about a week in first grade. A girl would pinch me in line for lunch for no reason. The first couple of days I just cried. A teacher noticed me crying and asked why. The girl got in trouble and never did it again.

    7. I wouldn’t say I was ever bullied on a regular basis, but I’ve had kids make rude comments to me when I was in school.

    8. yep i was and its no laughing matter its hurts so deep a child is growing on the inside and cant comprened all the harsh words and cant deal with the feelings

    9. Yes! Middle school was the worst – I felt like everyone hated me & it made it so hard for me to make friends in the future too.

    10. Absolutely! I was bullied beyond belief. Every day I went to the lunch room, I would try to sit at the Cheerleaders Table since I grew up around most of those girls and they knew my family and they would say awful things to me and move over and say to me, “This seat is taken. Move on loser!” So, after I tried every table in the lunch room and I was rejected by everyone (including the geeks) I finally went outside and would sit under this big oak tree every day. Each day of school was a horror story for me, and I recall asking my Psychiatrist about it and he gave me words of wisdom, “the best REVENGE is living well.” I set out to accomplish goals and I must admit that I am happy with all of my accomplishments

    11. yes, I was. I was in 2nd grade and boys had me on the ground. I don’t remember it exactly, but I do remember my mom calling the school about it.

    12. I never was bullied in school, but you really never heard about other kids being bullied in my school days

    13. Yes I was bullied my entire life. I absolutely despise bullies and wish that parents would wake up and teach their kids to treat other people with kindness regardless of whether we’re different.

    14. I wasn’t really bullied but my nephew has been dealing with it and was being kicked badly on the bus and didn’t say anything until a neighbor finally did.

    15. I did not get too much bullying at school…more so at home. My son encountered a bully in grade school…who later became his friend.

    16. Yes I was bullied quite a bit as a child.
      And yes it does hurt.
      form name Barbara Montag
      thank you

    17. Yes I was bullied for a short time in 5th grade by a girl who bullied many of the students until her mom was notified and the mom made the girl apologize to me and she stopped bullying everyone else.

    18. I was very fortunate to not have been bullied in school and I really pray my children won’t be either!

    19. I wasn’t bullied like kids are bullied today. I had people that were mean but I just moved along.

    20. No, I was never bullied, nor have I ever bullied anyone. I really don’t remember it happening when I was in school.

    21. I used to be picked on some because I was so small. I got wise and made friends with the 2 biggest kids in my class. That helped.

    22. From what I have seen and experienced, I think everyone has been bullied… but everyone handles it differently.

    23. Yes, I was. I had chairs pulled out from under me and gags played on me. I tried to laugh it off but it’s hard.

    24. Luckily I was never bullied but did have friends that were. I always stood up for them and have always been that person. I try and teach my children to be the same way.

    25. There were the mean girls that treated everyone terribly during grade school including me and my friends.

    26. Yes, I was bullied pretty much from grade school all the way through high school. It breaks my heart when a child gets bullied.

    27. YES I was bullied all through school so now I have trust issues great I grew up in a time where the teachers did NOTHING about it

    28. I was called names at some point but I don’t really call it bullying. IT actually made me a better person

    29. My dad was in the military so we moved all the time. I was always the new kid in my classroom and with size and hair I was bullied a lot.
      Laurie Emerson

    30. I have never been bullied but as a teacher I have heard stories of students being bullied. I pray that I helped stop the madness. Bullying is a very sensitive subject and should be handled quickly and efficiently.

    31. Made fun of yes, Bullied I take as pushing me around which was a NO. I wouldn’t take that. Words I just ignored.

    32. Not really. I’m sure I was picked on every now and then. But the only time I really remember a particular issue was in 10th grade and it was my ex boyfriend. But we were together for over a year lol so he couldn’t thought too bad of me.

    33. Of course, I was bullied in school. Almost everyone is bullied since there is always someone jealous or afraid of other people and the only way they can deal with their problem is by bullying others.

    34. I was when I was very young, but years later I found out the girl that bullied me was also bullied, so I guess it really is a cycle!

    35. I think every kid is bullied to some extent during their school years; would characterize the bullying I experienced as very mild.

    36. All the time in elementary school. My teeth were too big, my hair too wild and my clothes too hand me down. I just learned and moved on 🙂

    37. I was bullied during our summer program that I was sent to year after year during the day when my parents were at work. Mostly because during school I wasn’t friends with these kids and was the odd one out…

    38. Surprisingly no, I could have been since I was super awkward but my school just didn’t really seem to have a bullying problem thankfully

    39. Surprisingly no, I could have been since I was super awkward but my school just didn’t seem to have a bullying problem thankfully

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