Returning Back to Milk?

Got milk? Not if my kids have any say about it.

I’m in competition for Mom of the Year (in case you didn’t know). And getting my kids to drink milk with meals is a major deciding factor in me taking the lead. So imagine my embarrassment in failing this event outright.

Around age 2, my son started refusing milk. Yes. That good, wholesome, back-to-the-basics step all parents should take.

We tried 2%. We tried skim. He turned up his nose at everything. But just like an Olympic athlete, my determination wasn’t going to be easily swayed. Not a single glass of soda was going to touch my table. No sir!

Then this small miracle happened. We bought a small package of vanilla soy milk on a lark, and he guzzled it down like a college frat boy doing a beer bong.

So now I’m one of those Yuppy Mummies who are taking the soy organic route. All I can say is thank goodness for Costco! This stuff is expensive.

MOUTH OFF: Are you winning the milk war? And be honest! Someone has to be having soda at dinner.


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