Raising a Child with Food Allergies Should Be Easier

Parenting a child with food allergies is not easy.

Danger lurks in the most innocent of places — from child birthday parties to store bought food you bring home.

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Raising a Child with Food Allergies Should Be Easier

I grew up with food allergies in an era when almost no one took them seriously.

Even in elementary school I had adults offer me food items with nuts when they darn well knew I was allergic.

Shoot… even as an adult I’ve had folks offer me food with nuts because they just couldn’t believe that it could be potentially dangerous, let alone fatal, to me.

Today I’m sharing a guest post… a heartfelt letter to parents raising children with food allergies.

It’s not easy.

But you are not alone.

Raising a Child with Food Allergies Should Be Easier | Mommy Evolution

Dear mom in the grocery store reading the labels,

I see you.

I recognize that tired look you have from all the searching you have done.

Desperately trying to feed your already picky sensory child all with the added bonus of a food allergy.

It’s bad enough that you life revolves around avoiding deadly food and parties.

Having to turn down invites because your toddler has hit the “everything in the mouth phase.”

Add to that the sideways glances when you say “no thank you” to the store clerk who offers your child a sucker.

Or the whispers at the park when you swoop your child up quickly when a bag of Swedish Fish spills close enough for his fat little baby hands to reach.

They call us helicopter parents, but they don’t see that we are keeping our child alive.

They call us hippie dippie and they mock our methods, but we are keeping our child alive.

I see you.

You are not alone.

Let them talk.

You keep doing what you need to do to keep your child alive. ❤️

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    A special thank you to my reader Alisa Mitchell, who commented on one of The Sensory Spectrum’s threads and was kind enough to let me reprint this and shares this with other mothers.

    Alisa was responding to my post Sensory Wars.


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    1. Sniff. You go, parents of kiddies with allergies.

      This is one area I don’t struggle with, but having parented for 17 years (?!) now, I look at all other parents this way.

      NEVER SIDE EYE, people — you have No Idea!!!!

      Thanks and love,
      Full Spectrum Mama

    2. So true! We have tons of food allergies and also being celiac…I constantly get that “boy are you paranoid” or family sending me articles that bust the myth of gluten sensitivity or “are you sure your celiac? You were fine as a child… ( which I wasnt by the way and celiac makes sense with retro glasses too…) and some even trying to sneak it in to see how I react and I get a month of being so sick and realizing what happened! People who think they know best for others need to back off.

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