Please Don’t Judge Me at BlogHer ’13

This week is BlogHer ’13. It is a popular blogger conference being held in Chicago where bloggers from around the U.S. gather to share information, learn technical tricks, pick up on marketing techniques and find ways to fine-tune their craft. It is also a major networking event. From what I can gather, an impromptu party may just break out in the halls. (Well, that is if I’m lucky.)

Why am I nervous as all getup?

In a former life (before kids and Sensory Processing Disorder entered), I used to network all of the time. I was a PR professional who could schmooze with the best of them. Give me a room of strangers and I would end the evening with a room full of new acquaintances and future connections.

Networking never came instinctually to me. I’m an introvert by nature. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I hide in my room. It just means that while many people get jazzed up and energized from socializing, I often find myself drained of energy at the end of the day and need to recharge by myself.

I have been off of the networking scene for a decade, but that’s not why I’m nervous. I confess: I feel frumpy — frumpy, dumpy and lumpy. Why on earth would anyone want to talk to me?

You’ll be able to instantly recognize me at the conference because I’m going to be the girl who feels self-conscious of her weight. I’m going to be the girl who wishes she wasn’t currently growing out her hair. I’m going to be the girl who still thinks she’s 20-something and is surprised when she sees herself in the mirror. I’m going to be the girl who is afraid she won’t make any new acquaintances, let alone friends.

I’m also going to be the girl who seems at ease, outgoing and comfortable. Don’t let me fool you. I’m just as nervous as you are. Can we be friends?


  1. I would be that very same girl! Well, minus the hair growing out. I would be the one with the fluffy, out of control hair that seriously needs a trim! I’m not going, but if I was, I’d totally hang out with you and never judge you!

    1. Ha! Well perhaps we can meet another time, Nikki. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  2. You will be just fine! I had to back out of going this year; otherwise, I would have talked to ya! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Diane! I think it’s more nerves than anything else.

  3. I also would be that girl. If I was going I would most differently be your friend. Once you get me talking there would be no end.. Have fun and relax, you will do great.

  4. You will do great and have a blast!! Come back with some great tips and pass it on!

    1. Thanks, Leah. I would have loved to have the chance to meet you in person. Perhaps at another conference…

  5. Love the post. Relax and have a great time and next year you will be a pro.

    1. Once I got to BlogHer, I definitely relaxed. By the end I felt absolutely spent from all of the info!

    1. Nicole — It was worth every penny for me. I desperately needed the tech help. I just couldn’t self-teach myself on one more thing 🙂

  6. Don’t worry! Everyone is nervous and excited. That’s how we bond in the hallways! Anytime I felt alone in NYC last year, I turned around and found another blogger in the same shoes. Can’t wait to meet you in person, Jennifer! Soon!

    1. Jennifer — I am SO glad we got to meet in person at BlogHer. Guess I’ll have a different story to tell before the next one.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Betty. It was a terrific BlogHer ’13. Although I think my head may explode from all of the new ideas and info swimming around. There’s a lot to process!

      It was my first BlogHer but definitely not my last.

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