Pretty Orange and Clove Decorations

Not only are these pretty orange and clove decorations, they’re practical too.

They make wonderful, natural air fresheners to make your home smell heavenly.

Perfect for Christmas time (but I think any time), you can place them over a lamp or potpourri burner to warm them to emit an amazing aroma.

Orange and Clover Decorations - Such a wonderful scent! | Mommy Evolution

Materials You Need:

  • Oranges
  • Cloves
  • Toothpicks

Instructions for orange and clove decorations:

Arrange the cloves in a pattern or design of your choosing.

You can add even more design elements using a zester, if you’d like.

Be careful putting the cloves in as the tops tend to break if you push the cloves in from the top.

If you have this problem, try poking the holes with a toothpick before inserting the cloves.

It’s that simple!

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