New Mom Challenges: Spend Less Time Stressed, More Time Enjoying

There are many new mom challenges when you bring an infant home.

Some challenges are expected and others are a big surprise. Most of the challenges pass quickly, but some remain for some time.

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New Mom Challenges: Spend Less Time Stressed, More Time Enjoying

New Mom Challenges: Spend Less Time Stressed, More Time Enjoying

Learning to cope with changes an infant brings will go a long way to keeping the joy in parenthood

Getting Enough Sleep

Most parents report that the biggest challenge they have when they bring baby home is getting enough sleep.

For parents who work outside the home this can be especially difficult.

If you’re fortunate enough not to have to work outside the home during recovery, make it a habit to rest when the baby rests.

Don’t worry, you will hear the baby. (I call it my mom sonar.)

While house work does have to be done eventually, deep cleaning can wait until infanthood is over.

6 month old baby looking at cloth book

Learning to Love Your Post Baby Body

Many women pop right back into shape, others not so much.

Even in the best of situations, many moms are caught off guard by their post baby body.

It’s more jiggly than you’re used to, perhaps you have stretch marks.

While you are eating right and trying to get a little light exercise in each day, remember what your body went through and what amazing power it has.

Instead of focusing on the things you find as faults, think about how each imperfection helped bring your baby into the world.

baby toes!

New Mom Challenges: Keeping Other Close Relationships Thriving

Many new moms report to feeling “all touched out” which makes it hard to keep other relationships thriving.

Talking things out honestly with anyone you are having trouble making time with is something that will go a long way.

For friends, if you don’t have time to chat, drop a card in the mail, send an email or even text… they’ll understand.

baby swaddled against mother

Keeping Housework Caught Up

Most people are far too concerned with keeping the house spotless.

Just worry about keeping the house sanitary, and let the dust bunnies go.

When offers come from friends and family to help, give them something to do.

Having someone pick up a few groceries or fold some laundry can go a long way to helping you keep up.

And make cleaning as easy as possible for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be perfect!

mother snuggling with infant child - no worries about new mom challenges

Asking for Help as a New Mom

It can be hard these days to ask for help. In the not too distant pass it was normal that family and friends would help new moms a lot more sometimes for the first three months.

Today, that can be more difficult now that many of us don’t live near our folks.

Therefore, it’s important to ask for help from those who can provide it — ask friends, ask neighbors, ask members of your church.

You can always return the favor at a later date.

These issues happen to be very common issues that new mothers face.

The difference between those who successfully come through these challenges and those who don’t have to do with the willingness of you as a new mother to ask for what you want and need from others.

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