Multicultural Fairy Tales + Unit Study

Children should be exposed to more interesting and multi-dimensional stories than regular old fairy tales. Instead read multicultural fairy tales from other countries.

Whether it’s stories of talking animals from African folklore or tales of mythical creatures from Chinese mythology, multicultural fairy tales provide a wonderful way to explore the world and spark children’s imaginations.

With themes that range from bravery and friendship to perseverance and wisdom, these stories can teach children valuable lessons and inspire them to be curious about the world around them.

For more reading ideas, visit our extensive list of childrens books for kids!

In addition to offering a reading list of multicultural fairy tales, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to offer you homeschool and in-class learning fairy tale unit study resources.

You can find these multicultural fairy tale books for kids at your local library or use the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Multicultural Fairy Tales from different countries, including Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea, Hanse and Gretel | Mommy Evolution

Multicultural Fairy Tales

As a fellow mom, I find so many typical fairy tales lacking — lacking in depth, lacking in dimension and lacking in representing different cultures.

I also quickly discovered pink princesses weren’t going to cut it.

And honestly, as a mom, I wanted something with more flair.

So we went on a search for multicultural fairy tales that would give a broader and different look at the world of fairy tales to keep us all entertained.


Fairy Tales Unit Study Resources and Ideas | Mommy Evolution

Fairy Tales Unit Study

In addition to offering a reading list of fairy tale books from other cultures, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to offer you homeschool and classroom learning unit study resources about fairy tales. Some resources may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Adore your list and what fun it is to #ReadYourWorld through fairy tales. Here’s another fit for your list, my book THE KING CAKE BABY celebrates Louisiana Creole culture. Everybody knows about Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras Day, but I wanted to share one of our lesser known traditions about kicking off the season every January 6th by eating King Cake.

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