Mother Goose Rhymes List

Join us on a journey through the full Mother Goose Rhymes List, a treasure chest of beloved classics that have shaped the early years of countless children.

As a bonus, we offer a free printable collection of these rhymes, allowing you to bring the magic of Mother Goose into your home or classroom, preserving the joy of these verses for generations to come.

Join us in celebrating the enduring enchantment of these rhymes, where learning meets laughter, and where storytelling sparks a love for language and tradition.

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Mother Goose, the whimsical matriarch of nursery rhymes, has long held a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike.

Her timeless verses, brimming with charm and laughter, have entertained generations and continue to ignite the spark of imagination in young minds.

What is Mother Goose Rhymes

Mother Goose rhymes refer to a collection of traditional nursery rhymes and children’s songs that have been passed down through generations. These rhymes are characterized by their simplicity, rhythmic patterns, and often whimsical themes. 

Mother Goose herself is a fictional character, and her name has become synonymous with these classic verses. These rhymes serve as a delightful and engaging way to introduce young children to language, rhythm and storytelling. 

They cover a wide range of topics, from counting and animal sounds to moral lessons and imaginative tales, making them a fundamental part of early childhood literature and education. 

Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother GooseFavorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother GooseFavorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother GooseSylvia Long's Mother GooseSylvia Long’s Mother GooseSylvia Long's Mother GooseTomie dePaola's Mother GooseTomie dePaola’s Mother GooseTomie dePaola's Mother GooseHere Comes Mother GooseHere Comes Mother GooseHere Comes Mother Goose


Iconic examples of Mother Goose rhymes include “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Hickory Dickory Dock,” and “Little Miss Muffet.”

When Was Mother Goose Written

Mother Goose, as a character and a collection of nursery rhymes, did not have a single, specific time of creation. Instead, Mother Goose’s stories and rhymes evolved over centuries through oral tradition and the contributions of various authors and storytellers. 

The term “Mother Goose” was popularized by Charles Perrault in the late 17th century when he published his collection of fairy tales in France. This collection included some of the well-known stories we associate with Mother Goose today. 

In England and the United States, various writers and publishers compiled and added to the Mother Goose canon in the 18th century and beyond.

The Classic Collection of Mother Goose Nursery RhymesThe Classic Collection of Mother Goose Nursery RhymesThe Classic Collection of Mother Goose Nursery RhymesMother Goose TreasuryMother Goose TreasuryMother Goose TreasuryMy Very First Mother GooseMy Very First Mother GooseMy Very First Mother GooseThe Real Mother GooseThe Real Mother GooseThe Real Mother Goose


The concept of Mother Goose has been shaped and developed over time, with its roots extending far back into history, making it challenging to pinpoint a single date of creation.

How to Use this list of Mother Goose Rhymes

Using this list of Mother Goose rhymes with your child can be an enriching and enjoyable experience. Here are some strategies to make the most of this extensive collection:

Daily Rhyme Time: Make rhyme time a daily ritual. Set aside a specific time each day to explore one or two rhymes. Consistency is essential for memory and engagement.

Interactive Reading: Read the rhymes aloud, and encourage your child to join in. Emphasize rhythm and rhyme by clapping or tapping to the beat.

Visual Aids: Use visual aids like pictures, flashcards or illustrations to enhance understanding and engagement, especially for younger children.

The Golden Mother GooseThe Golden Mother GooseThe Golden Mother GooseMary Engelbreit's Mother Goose Board BookMary Engelbreit’s Mother Goose Board BookMary Engelbreit's Mother Goose Board BookMy First Real Mother GooseMy First Real Mother GooseMy First Real Mother GooseThe Neighborhood Mother GooseThe Neighborhood Mother GooseThe Neighborhood Mother Goose


Discussion and Questions: After reading a rhyme, ask open-ended questions to spark discussion. Encourage your child to share their thoughts and feelings about the rhyme.

Creative Expression: Foster creativity by inviting your child to draw, paint or act out scenes from the rhymes. This hands-on approach can deepen their connection to the stories.

Themed Explorations: Group rhymes by themes (e.g., animals, nature, numbers) and explore related topics or activities. For example, read rhymes about animals and then visit a zoo.

Storytelling: Encourage your child to retell the rhymes in their words or create new stories inspired by them. This promotes language development and imagination.

Writing Practice: For older children, have them write their own versions of rhymes or create new verses for familiar ones.

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Multilingual Exploration: If you’re bilingual or multilingual, explore rhymes in different languages to introduce cultural diversity and language skills.

Performance: Organize family performances where your child recites or acts out their favorite rhymes for an audience. This builds confidence and presentation skills.

Recording Memories: Record your child reciting or performing rhymes to create a keepsake of their early literacy journey.

Library Visits: Visit your local library to find books that feature Mother Goose rhymes. 

Online Resources: Explore online resources and videos that bring Mother Goose rhymes to life through animation and music. Find music renditions of favorites along with Mother Goose Song Lyrics.

Remember that the primary goal is to make the experience enjoyable and foster a love for language and storytelling. 

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By exploring this extensive collection of Mother Goose rhymes in a fun and interactive way, you can create lasting memories and support your child’s development.

Mother Goose Rhymes List

When I started making a list of all of the Mother Goose rhymes (also now known as nursery rhymes), I was absolutely shocked at just how many there are. Easily more than 400 actually!

Of course, you may call some rhymes by different names – they are often orally passed down so titles can change. And many of these rhymes have fallen out of favor because of their antiquated viewpoint on marriage, etc. or may not be applicable to folks’ daily lives anymore.

They may also be extremely short and folks just don’t say them anymore. A classic example is “Daffodils.”

“Daffy-down-dilly has come to town; In a yellow petticoat and a green gown.”

Complete List of Mother Goose Rhymes

Don’t feel pressured to go through all 400 rhymes at all! Choose a manageable number that aligns with your child’s age, attention span and interests.

You can find many of these nursery rhymes in Mother Goose anthologies and online.

  1. A Cherry
  2. A Chimney
  3. A Cock and Bull Story
  4. A Counting-Out Rhyme
  5. A Little Man
  6. A Little Pig Found a $50 note
  7. A Man and a Maid
  8. A Melancholy Song
  9. A Needle and Thread
  10. A Plum Pudding
  11. A Robin and a Robin’s Son
  12. A Seasonable Song
  13. A Ship’s Nail
  14. A Strange Old Woman
  15. A Sunshiny Shower
  16. A Sure Test
  17. A Sailor Went to Sea
  18. A Tisket A Tasket
  19. A Thorn
  20. A Walnut
  21. A Was an Apple
  22. A Week of Birthdays
  23. A Well
  24. A Wise Old Owl
  25. ABC
  26. About the Bush
  27. Aiken Drum
  28. An Elephant Walks
  29. An Equal
  30. An Icicle
  31. Anna Maria
  32. Are you Sleeping
  33. Around the Green Gravel
  34. As I Was Going Along
  35. As I Was Walking
  36. At Early Morn the Spiders Spin
  37. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  38. Baby My Dolly
  39. Banbury Cross
  40. Bandy legs
  41. Barber
  42. Bat Bar
  43. Bed in Summer
  44. Bedtime
  45. Bees
  46. Bell Horses
  47. Belleisle
  48. Bessy Bell and Mary Gray
  49. Betsy Botter Bought Some Butter
  50. Betty Blue
  51. Billy Billy
  52. Birds of a Feather
  53. Blow wind blow
  54. Blue Bell Boy
  55. Bluebells Cockleshells
  56. Bobby Snooks
  57. Bobby Shafto
  58. Bossy Cow
  59. Bow Wow Says the Dog
  60. Bow Wow Wow
  61. Boy and Girl
  62. Boy and the Sparrow
  63. Brave News
  64. Bye Baby Bunting
  65. Burnie Bee
  66. Buttons
  67. Candle Saving
  68. Catch It if You Can
  69. Caesar’s Song
  70. Cackle Cackle Mother Goose
  71. Charley Barley
  72. Charlie Warlie
  73. Christmas
  74. Christmas Gifts
  75. Christmas Is Coming
  76. Christopher Columbus
  77. Clap Handies
  78. Cobbler Cobbler, Mend My Shoe
  79. Cock-A-Doodle-Do
  80. Cock Crow
  81. Coffee and Tea
  82. Come Butter Come
  83. Come Hither Sweet Robin
  84. Come Let’s Go to Bed
  85. Come My Children
  86. Come Out to Play
  87. Come to Bed Says Sleepy Head
  88. Come to the Window
  89. Comical Folk
  90. Cross Patch
  91. Cry, Baby
  92. Curly Locks
  93. Cushy Cow
  94. Daffodils
  95. Dame Trot and Her Cat
  96. Dance to Your Daddie
  97. Dance Little baby
  98. Dance Thumbkin Dance
  99. Dapple-Gray
  100. Davy Davy Dumpling
  101. Dear, Dear
  102. Diddle Diddle Dumpling
  103. Ding Dong Bell
  104. Do You Know the Muffin Man?
  105. Doctor Fell
  106. Doctor Foster
  107. Down At the Station
  108. Down in the Valley
  109. Ducks and Drakes
  110. Each Peach Pear Plum
  111. Enny Meeny
  112. Elizabeth
  113. Father and Mother and Uncle John
  114. Fears and Teas
  115. Fiddle-de-Dee
  116. Fingers and Toes
  117. First of March
  118. Five Fat Peas
  119. Five Fat Sausages
  120. Five Little Ducks
  121. Five Little Monkeys
  122. For Baby
  123. For Every Evil
  124. For Want of a Nail
  125. Friday Night’s Dream
  126. From Wibbleton to Wobbleton
  127. Georgie Porgie
  128. Girls and Boys
  129. Go To Bed First
  130. Go To Bed Late
  131. Go To Bed Tom
  132. Going to St. Ives
  133. Golden Slumbers
  134. Good Advice
  135. Good Morrow to You Valentine
  136. Good Night Sleep Tight
  137. Goosey Goosey Gander
  138. Gray Goose and Gander
  139. Handy Pandy
  140. Hark Hark
  141. Harvest Home
  142. Hector Protector
  143. Heigh-Ho, The Carrion Crow
  144. Here Goes My Lord
  145. Here Is the Church
  146. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
  147. Hickety Pickety
  148. Hickory Dickory Dock
  149. Higglety Pigglety Pop
  150. Horsey Horsey
  151. Hot Boiled Beans
  152. Hot Codlins
  153. Hot Cross Buns
  154. How Many Miles To Babylon
  155. Hush-a-Bye
  156. Hush Little Baby
  157. Humpty Dumpty
  158. I Asked My Mother
  159. I Danced With the Girl
  160. I Had a Cat
  161. I Had a Dog
  162. I Had a Little Dolly
  163. I Had a Little Hen
  164. I Had a Little Hobby Horse
  165. I Had a Little Husband
  166. I Had a Little Puppy
  167. I Hear Thunder
  168. I Love Sixpence
  169. I Saw A Ship A-Sailng
  170. I See the moon
  171. I Went Up a High Hill
  172. Ickle Ockle
  173. If
  174. I’ll Buy You a Tartan Bonnet
  175. I’ll Tell You a Story
  176. I’m a Little Teapot
  177. I’ve Got a Rocket
  178. If All the Seas Were One Sea
  179. If Wishes Were Horses
  180. I’m Dusty Bill
  181. Ip Dip
  182. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  183. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
  184. Intery, Mintery
  185. Jack and Jill
  186. Jack And His Fiddle
  187. Jack Be Nimble
  188. Jack Jelf
  189. Jack Jingle
  190. Jenny Wren
  191. Jerry Hall
  192. John Smith
  193. Johnny Morgan
  194. Jack Sprat
  195. Just Like Me
  196. Knock on the Door
  197. Ladybug, Ladybug
  198. Ladybird
  199. Lavender’s Blue
  200. Leg Over Leg
  201. Lengthening Days
  202. Little Blue Ben
  203. Little Brother
  204. Little Bo-Peep
  205. Little Boy Blue
  206. Little Fred
  207. Little Girl and Queen
  208. Little Jack Horner
  209. Little Jenny Wren
  210. Little Jumping Joan
  211. Little King Boggen
  212. Little King Pippin
  213. Little Lad
  214. Little Maid
  215. Little Miss Muffet
  216. Little Nancy Etticoat (a candle)
  217. Little Nut Tree
  218. Little Robin Redbreast
  219. Little Poll Parrot
  220. Little Polly Flinders
  221. Little Pussy
  222. Little Queen Pippin
  223. Little Tom Tucker
  224. Little Tommy Tittlemouse
  225. Lock and Key
  226. London Bridge
  227. Lucy Locket
  228. Mademoiselle Went to the Well
  229. Make Your Candles Last
  230. Manchester Guardian
  231. March Winds
  232. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  233. Mary Had a Pretty Bird
  234. Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  235. Mary’s Canary
  236. Master I Have
  237. Merry Go Round
  238. Milkman Milkman
  239. Miss Mackay
  240. Miss Mary Mack
  241. Monday’s Child
  242. Money and the Mare
  243. Mr. East
  244. Mrs. Mason
  245. Multiplication is Vexation
  246. My Aunt Jane
  247. My Kitten
  248. My Little Maid
  249. My Love
  250. My Ma’s a Millionaire
  251. My Maid Mary
  252. My Mother and Father Are Irish
  253. My Mother Said
  254. Myself
  255. Nancy Dawson
  256. Needles and Pins
  257. Now the Day is Over
  258. Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow
  259. Oh Soldier Soldier
  260. Old Chairs to Mend
  261. Old Grimes
  262. Old King Cole
  263. Old Mother Goose
  264. Old Mother Hubbard
  265. Old Woman Old Woman
  266. On Christmas Eve
  267. One I Love
  268. Once I Saw a Little Bird
  269. One Lead for Fame
  270. One, He Loves
  271. One for Sorrow
  272. One Man Went to Mow
  273. One Misty Moisty Morning
  274. One Potato Two Potato
  275. One To Ten
  276. One Two Buckle My Shoe
  277. One Two Three Four Five
  278. Oranges and Lemons
  279. Over the Water
  280. Pairs or Pears
  281. Pancake Day
  282. Pat-a-Cake
  283. Pease Porridge
  284. Peter Piper
  285. Peter Pumpkin Eater
  286. Pins
  287. Pippin Hill
  288. Play Days
  289. Policeman Policeman
  290. Polly Put the Kettle On
  291. Poor Old robinson Crusoe
  292. Pop Goes the Weasel
  293. Puss Came Dancing
  294. Pussy Cat and the Dumplings
  295. Pussy Cat Mew
  296. Pretty John Watts
  297. Pussy Cat Pussy Cat
  298. Pussy Cat By the Fire
  299. Queen of Hearts
  300. Rain 
  301. Rain on the Green Grass
  302. Rain Rain Go Away
  303. Red Sky At Night
  304. Ride a Cock-Horse
  305. Ride Away, Ride Away
  306. Ring Around the Rosie
  307. Robin-a-Bobbin
  308. Robin and Richard
  309. Rock-a-bye Baby
  310. Roses Are Red
  311. Round and Round the Garden
  312. Row Row Row Your Boat
  313. Round and Round the Garden
  314. Rub-a-Dub-Dub
  315. Sally Go Round
  316. Saturday, Sunday
  317. See-Saw
  318. See a Pin
  319. See See
  320. Shoo Fly
  321. Simple Simon
  322. Sing a Song of Sixpence
  323. Sing sing
  324. Sippity Sup
  325. Shall We Go A-Shearing?
  326. Shoeing
  327. Sieve My Lady’s Oatmeal
  328. Six Little Mice
  329. Sleep Baby Sleep
  330. Sleep Little Child
  331. Smiling Girls
  332. Sneezing
  333. Solomon Grundy
  334. St. Dunstan
  335. Star Light Star Bright
  336. Sukey You Shall Be My Wife
  337. Sulky Sue
  338. Summer Breeze
  339. Sunshine
  340. Swan
  341. T’Other Little Tune
  342. Taffy
  343. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  344. Teeth and Gums
  345. Ten in the Bed
  346. Terrence McDiddler
  347. That’s All
  348. The Alphabet
  349. The Balloon
  350. The Bells
  351. The Big Ship Sails
  352. The Bird Scarer
  353. The Black Hen
  354. The Blacksmith
  355. The Boy in the Barn
  356. The Bunch of Blue Ribbons
  357. The Cat’s Got the Measles
  358. The Cat’s Serenade
  359. The Cat and the Fiddle
  360. The Clever Hen
  361. The Clock
  362. The Coachman
  363. The Cock’s on the Housetop
  364. The Cock and the Hen
  365. The Crooked Sixpence
  366. The Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin
  367. The Derby Ram
  368. The Donkey
  369. The Dove and the Wren
  370. The Dusty Miller
  371. The Farmer and the Raven
  372. The Farmer in the Dell
  373. The First of May
  374. The Flying Pig
  375. The Girl and the Birds
  376. The Girl in the Lane
  377. The Grand Old Duke or York
  378. The Greedy Man
  379. The Hart
  380. The House That Jack Built
  381. The Hunger of Reigate
  382. The Jolly Miller
  383. The King of France
  384. The Kilkenny Cats
  385. The Little Bird
  386. The Little Mouse
  387. The Lion and the Unicorn
  388. The Little Moppet
  389. The Lost Shoe
  390. The Man of Derby
  391. The Man in the Moon
  392. The Man in the Wilderness
  393. The Man in Our Town
  394. The Man of Bombay
  395. The Man of Tobago
  396. The Man Who Had Naught
  397. The Merchants of London
  398. The Mist
  399. The North Wind
  400. The North Winds Blow
  401. The Old Woman and the Peddler
  402. The Old Woman from France
  403. The Old Woman of Gloucester
  404. The Old Woman of Harrow
  405. The Old Woman of Leeds
  406. The Old Woman of Surrey
  407. The Old Women Under a Hill
  408. The Owl and the Pussycat
  409. The Piper and His cow
  410. The Postman’s Knock
  411. The Quarrel
  412. The Robin
  413. The Robins
  414. The Tarts
  415. The Tailors and the Snail
  416. The Ten O’clock Scholar
  417. The Three Sons
  418. The Wheels on the Bus
  419. The Woman of Exeter
  420. The Wind
  421. There Was A Crooked Man
  422. There Was a Little Girl
  423. There Was a Little Woman
  424. There Was an Old Man Called Michael Finnegan
  425. There Was an Old Woman
  426. Three Little Kittens
  427. Three Straws
  428. This is the Way
  429. This Little Piggy
  430. Three Blind Mice
  431. Three Children on the Ice
  432. Three Little Ghostesses
  433. Three Wise Men of Gotham
  434. Three Young Rats
  435. Thirty Days Hath September
  436. This Old Man
  437. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor
  438. To Market
  439. Tom Tom The Piper’s Son
  440. Tommy Snooks
  441. Tommy Tonsey
  442. Tommy Trot
  443. Tongs
  444. Touch Blue
  445. Trot Trot to Boston
  446. Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee
  447. Twinkle, twinkle, little star
  448. Two Birds Sat on a Stone
  449. Two Gray Kits
  450. Two Little Dickie Birds
  451. Two Old Women
  452. Two Pigeons
  453. Up the Wooden Hill
  454. Wake Up Baby
  455. Warm Hands
  456. Wash the Dishes
  457. Wee Willie Winkie
  458. When Jackie’s a Good Boy
  459. Where O Where
  460. Will You Come To My Party?
  461. Willy Boy
  462. Willy Willy
  463. What Are Little Boys Made Of?
  464. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  465. When Jenny Wren Was Young
  466. When the Snow Is On the Group
  467. Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?
  468. Where is Thumbkin?
  469. Whistle
  470. Why May Not I Love Johnny?
  471. Winter
  472. Young Lambs to Sell
  473. Young Roger and Dolly

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