Minion Birthday Party Ideas!

My 9 year old wanted a Minion birthday party. But are you ready for this…. at a roller rink! Yes, they still exist.

And yes, they are still the exact same roller rinks you remember from the 80s!

But this also meant we couldn’t really decorate the house.

Instead, this party called for some inventive ideas on our part to pull together a party where we could quickly decorate the table while keeping with the theme. This post contains affiliate links.

Minion Theme Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations | Mommy Evolution

Minion Birthday Party Ideas!

Because the party was held in a roller rink, there wasn’t exactly the best lighting inside to grab some photos to share. Instead, I took photos at the house.

But trust me, the table was fun!

Items to Decorate the Table and Give away to Guests

Minion Birthday Party Gift Bag Ideas | Mommy Evolution

For a quick way to decorate the table, we used a Blue Plastic Tablecover to add an overall cover to the table.

 We also placed Yellow Square Paper Plates out for the pizza and Minion Cake Plates for the cake.

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For the goodie bags, we put out some of the give-aways and kept others in the Yellow Paper Bags.

We placed the plastic minion water bottles around the table; however, the birthday boy got this awesome Minions Water Bottle.

Before the party, I filled up Cone Shaped Candy Favor Bags with Yellow Sixlets Chocolatey Candies, which looked absolutely adorable!

We also included these fun Minion Paper Goggles and Minion Rubber Bracelets.

Minion Candy Snacks. Perfect for a Minion Birthday Party! from Mommy Evolution

But the piece de resistance?!? BANANAS!

Leave it to my son to think that everyone should bring home a banana, the Minions’ favorite snack.

Complete Minion Party in a Box

Minion Despicable Me Complete Party in a Box

Of course, as parents we have enough on our plate! Birthday Express has an awesome Minion Party in a Box… giving you the complete party package without the fuss.

And the best part is they are completely customizable to what you want.

And if you want to continue the fun at home, check out these irresistible Minion costumes!

Need more inspiration? Don’t miss my All Things Minion page — your one-stop Minion inspiration destination!

ALL THINGS MINIONS! Crafts, Recipes, Activities, Food | Mommy Evolution


  1. Minion Mania! Lots of fun ideas here. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty. I hope you will join us again next week.

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