Jan Brett The Mitten Activities: Sew a Mitten

Welcome to the enchanting world of Jan Brett’s The Mitten Activity with a creative activity that brings the heartwarming narrative to life.

Jan Brett’s beloved children’s book, “The Mitten,” is a timeless tale of winter adventures and the magic that can be found in the snow-covered woods.

Step into the pages of this classic story sewing your very own mitten as a terrific fine motor skills activity! You’ll not only craft a cozy winter accessory but also embark on a journey of imagination inspired by Jan Brett’s whimsical world.

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Jan Brett's The Mitten Book Activity | Mommy Evolution

Jan Brett is a long-time favorite author in our family. Her story telling is superb, but her incredibly complex, subtlety humorous and very textured illustrations transport you to another place. 

So, gather your crafting materials and prepare to create a mitten that’s not just warm but also filled with the spirit of “The Mitten” itself.

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What is Jan Brett The Mitten About

The Mitten is a classic children’s book written and illustrated by Jan Brett. The story is a retelling of a Ukrainian folktale and is known for its beautifully detailed illustrations.

The plot of The Mitten centers around a young boy named Nicki, his grandmother, and a variety of forest animals. Nicki’s grandmother knits him a pair of pristine white mittens, but Nicki is worried about losing one in the snow. His grandmother assures him that if he drops a mitten in the snow, she will make him a new pair.

As Nicki goes outside to play, he drops one of his mittens in the snow, and it becomes a cozy shelter for a series of woodland animals seeking warmth. The animals, including a mole, a rabbit, a hedgehog and others, all manage to fit inside the mitten and enjoy its comfort.

The story continues with a humorous and heartwarming tone as the mitten stretches to accommodate each new animal that seeks refuge. Eventually, a big brown bear tries to squeeze into the mitten, causing it to burst open. Nicki is surprised to find his mitten in pieces, but his grandmother knits him a new one, and he returns home.

The Mitten is not only a delightful tale of a lost mitten but also a lesson in sharing, kindness, and the magic of winter. Jan Brett’s intricate illustrations are a hallmark of the book, providing a visually engaging experience for young readers.

How Many Jan Brett Books Are There

Jan Brett, a renowned American author and illustrator of children’s books, has published numerous works throughout her career. She had authored and illustrated more than 40 books.

Some of her well-known books include The Mitten, The Hat, Gingerbread Baby, and The Trouble with Trolls.

Some of our personal favorite books by Jan Brett include:

 Sew A Mitten: A Jan Brett Activity

With two kids, one in Kindergarten and the other in 2nd grade, I’m always looking for ways to sneak in fine motor activities.

Whether you have toddlers or elementary-aged kiddos, fine motor skills are extremely important in learning how to write and becoming more proficient at it.

Jan Brett - The Mitten. Sew a Mitten Book Activity | Mommy Evolution

There are three ways I had the boys practice their fine motor skills and hand strength.

Step 1: I drew an outline of a mitten and encouraged them to follow the trace, using scissors to cut out their mittens.

Step 2: We used a hole puncher to create the holes we would use to “sew” the mitten together.

Some hole punchers are tougher to operate than others.

If you have toddlers, you will want to help them before they get too frustrated.

Step 3:  We sewed together our mittens, which are currently “drying” in our craft room and waiting for the next wave of inspiration to get colored, drawn on or whatever creative outlet the boys are looking for.

I have pre-cut squares of construction paper in the wings in case they feel like working on patterns and gluing paper to their mittens.

Jan Brett's The Mitten Book Activity | Mommy Evolution
Here you can see the completed mitten activity from the book The Mitten by Jan Brett.

While we were busy with our activity, we talked about the book, recounting our favorite parts and thinking about the local animals that could crawl into our own mittens.

Tip: To make a good tip in order to sew the yarn, just use a small piece of masking tape and wrap it around the end.

It will help stiffen the end and make it a bit easier to saw the yarn through the holes.


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