Stop Telemarketers From Calling Your House

How many times have you sat down for dinner, only to have your phone ring. It’s yet another annoying telemarketer calling. Don’t set your phone on fire. There is something you can do to dramatically cut the amount of telemarketer calls you get.

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Register your phone number on The National Do Not Call RegistryThis registry gives you a choice about whether you want to receive telemarketing calls at home. Operated by the U.S. government since 2003, this registry is a database of phone number telemarketers are not allowed to call.

Signing up is simple. Visit The National Do Not Call Registry (click here). After 31 days on the registry, most telemarketers should not call your number. That’s it!

If you have more questions, visit the registry’s information site here. You can learn why the registry was created, how it works and how your information is kept private.

You can thank me later. Just don’t call me during dinner.

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  1. There’s nothing worse than finally getting the kiddo tucked into bed, quieting the house, and RIIIIING! Another robocall…ugh…
    Unfortunately, the do not call registry doesn’t catch all of them :/

  2. I literally want to jerk every single phone out of the wall & disconnect every jack (I know how to do these things- I used to sell phone systems in my sales life… my Hubs is a telecom engineer…LOL, we’re geeks) It drives me as Rachel Zoe says BANANAS!!!

  3. This is very interesting I will have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Honestly our cells and home phone have been in the do not call registry for around 2 years now and still we get calls. Something will call and it’s silent or someone calling because I’m a visa card holder I qualify for bla bla bla. I hate it!

  5. I’ve registered my phone number on a do not call list and I still get telemarketers calling my house all the time. Maybe it’s because I’m in Canada. Now when they call I just set the phone down, walk away and then hang up the phone after about ten minutes.

  6. I only wish it worked as well in Canada! I followed you over from Family Fun Friday. Have a great weekend!

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