How to Capture Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids

If you’re a new parent, you are probably taking a boatload of pictures of your kids.

But how many of those pictures make you pause and think that you really caught the eccense of your child?

Learn how to take amazing pictures of your kids – ones that will quickly become your all-time favorites over the years.

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How to Capture Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids

How to Capture Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids

Today I welcome Kristin Bustamante, SheKnows editorial director, who offers some dos and don’ts for capturing great pictures of your kids.

DO bring out your inner child

Encourage funny faces or silliness through your own actions.

Get down on the floor, jump up and down – remember, you’re on the other side of the lens and no one will know.

boy running laughing on pier

DON’T reserve your camera for special occasions

Instead, keep it close for life’s special spontaneous moments.

While we used our iPhone for everyday pictures, we started bringing out our more serious camera for every day and loved the different shots we got.

boy laughing running through sprinkler in his clothes

DO hold still

While the kids are in constant motion, it’s your job to master a steady hand.

And remember, that motion can make a photo spectacular!

girl look up at blossoms of a cherry tree

DON’T ignore the lighting

Remember, natural lighting is your friend!

Avoid direct sunlight or you’ll be stuck with scrunchy faces.

In fact, often overcast days are your best friend because they don’t cause deep shadows on everyone’s faces.

messy kid eating donut sitting on kitchen counter

DO encourage messy moments

Get messy once in a while and capture the joy that a mess can inspire.

Give the kids some paint and a canvas or that pile of leaves you just raked up!

girl kneeling playing in grass

DON’T force it

Instead of forcing your children into stiff poses, walk and play along with them and capture spontaneous moments between them.

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