Hidden Pacifiers Keep Showing Up In My Home!

Pacifiers are a Godsend… until you decide to get rid of them.

Vman was born with a pacifier in his mouth.

So when it was time to say goodbye, there were literally more than 40 pacifiers floating about the house.

In the beginning, we would find a stray in the travel diaper bag or behind the bed.

As time passed, they appeared less and less.

Three years later, we had completely forgotten them.

Pacifiers were just a remnant of a past life.

Then Hbomb walked downstairs with a pacifier glued to his mouth.

“Where did you find that?” I demanded.

“In your drawer,” he claimed.

All I knew was the cease fire we had enjoyed was over.

Hbomb’s much older now so as he slept that night, I grabbed the paci and tossed it in the trash.

I’m not proud.

But sometimes a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do.

In the morning, he didn’t mention the pacifier as if that sucker hadn’t shown its face in our house.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that was truly the last pacifier left in the house.

But I’m not placing any bets on it.

MOUTH OFF: Where is the last place you found a pacifier? Or where is the strangest place you discovered one?

UPDATE: I should note that my oldest son, when he was 12… we were moving furniture around in his room and what should I find… A PACIFIER!!!

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  1. Never used them with either of my children. Can’t say that my own grown children have followed my example.

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