Preparing a Healthy Home During Pregnancy for Your Newborn

As you decorate your nursery, use these strategies for creating a healthy home environment for your newborn.

The first few weeks after you bring your newborn home are the most vulnerable time in their life, and you want to make sure your baby has everything they need to stay in good health.

Your home should be a safe haven for your newborn where they can grow and thrive without you having to worry about them picking up germs.

Today freelance writer Jennifer Livingston is joining us to share her strategies.

Preparing a Healthy Home During Pregnancy for Your Newborn

Preparing a Healthy Home During Pregnancy for Your Newborn | Mommy Evolution

Create a Safe Sleeping Space

It may be tempting to create a beautiful crib with fluffy bumpers and bedding.

However, newborns only need a firm mattress and a fitted crib sheet to have a safe place for sleeping.

If you are worried about your newborn being cold at night, then use a sleep gown or sleeper with feet to keep them warm.

Ban Smoking

It is important to stop smoking during pregnancy, yet many families still allow smoking by others at their home.

Unfortunately, secondhand smoke still places newborns at a higher risk for SIDS.

In fact, a recent study reported by Fox News Health shows that banning smoking from the home can reduce an infant’s SIDS risk by as much as 80%.

Your ban on smoking should also extend to outdoors since toxins can still be carried in on a person’s clothing and hair.

Be Cautious with Carpets

As your baby grows, they will spend a lot of time on the floor, and it is common for dirt, bugs and other health hazards to accumulate in your carpets over time.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation reports that vacuuming is not enough to remove all of the dust mites and their waste that accumulates, which means that a carpet cleaner will be essential for reducing your baby’s exposure to allergens.

Once your floors are clean, encourage your family and guests to leave their shoes at the door so that less dirt is tracked in.

Encourage Hand Washing

You can expect to experience a flood of visitors to your home in the first few weeks that will all be eager to hold your baby.

Begin by making it clear that anyone with a cold symptoms should wait to visit until they are clear, and always make sure everyone washes their hands.

Most people will understand this rule, but you can make it more enjoyable by adding scented soap near your sink.

Then, stash a few bottles of hand sanitizer around your house so that there is always a convenient way to reduce germs nearby.

Launder Your Linens

Curtains, bedding and rugs all harbor dust and bacteria that can interfere with your baby’s health.

If it has been awhile since you washed your window treatments, pull them down and launder them on the hottest setting they can withstand.

Do the same with any bed sheets, throws and pillows that are in your bedroom and living area.

Once your baby arrives, keep in mind that their sheets will need to be washed often, especially because your baby will spit up or drool often.

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Establish a Pet-Free Zone

Although your pet is a treasured member of the family, it is best to limit your baby’s exposure to a potential allergen.

Since your baby will spend most of their time in their nursery, make it clear to your pet that this area is off limits.

Keep the door to the nursery closed when it is not being used, or use a baby gate to keep your pet out.

Additionally, keep up with your pets grooming so that your baby will be exposed to less dander during times when they are in a room together.

Preparing a healthy home is the best way to give your newborn a safe start in life, and you can easily reduce germs and allergens with a little extra housekeeping.

Not only will your home be sparkling clean for guests, but having a germ-free household will increase the health of every member of your family.

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About Jennifer Livingston: Freelance writer Jennifer Livingston has two kids, one of which is now a teenager. Jennifer believes being a parent is one of the biggest challenges and also one of the biggest blessings.


  1. Cool post! Once I decided to clean the carpet during my wife’s pregnancy. After that she’s got an allergy and we had to take the carpet outside(((

  2. Hi Stacy, I really enjoy reading your blog and these have been some of my favorites this year as well. I am fairly new to DIY projects in general … We recently bought a house and are slowly repainting interior. I have done a couple furniture makeovers and I’m currently working on two dressers for my kids rooms. I noticed that you highly recommend the Home Rite paint sprayer. I’m wondering if it might be worth it for me to invest in that for furniture, the six panel interior doors that we have on each of our rooms and closets. I’ve also thought of refinishing the wood cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Will the sprayer that you use and have recommended be good for these purposes? Do you feel that it is easy to use and easy to clean? Do you clean it in between each used or can you save it for the next coat paint?

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