Fireman Birthday Party Ideas

Sound the alarms, fire up the engines, and get the party started with fireman activities your little firefighters can play and with a Fire Engine Party and Supplies

For all the little boys and girls who aspire to fight fires when they grow up – this is the fireman birthday party theme for them! This post contains affiliate links.

Fireman Birthday Party Ideas | Mommy Evolution

Setting Up For the Fireman Birthday Party

Not sure what you’ll need to pull off a 5-alarm party blowout?

Birthday in a Box to the rescue! From plates to party favors, they have all the gear you need to throw a glowing party.

Fire Engine Supplies

The supplies in the box have everything you need for a smokin’-hot birthday celebration, including Little Fireman dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and tablecovers.

little fireman birthday party supplies

Little Fireman Decorations and Favors

Turn your home into a firehouse with fireman themed backdrops, cardboard standups, and Little Fireman wall decals!

Add red, orange, and yellow streamers and balloons and you’ve got a party that will set your little one’s face aglow.

The Fire Engine Party and Supplies can also work double-duty as personalized decor and as a goodie box for guests.

Little Fireman Food & Drink

Firefighters work hard, so they need sustenance to keep them going!

Create a fruit and veggie plate with orange, yellow, and red food items, such as bell peppers, carrots, strawberries, oranges, and cherries.

For some added flare, have a bowl of hot tamale candies and spicy chips!

For drinks, definitely include water (of course!), and perhaps some red punch.

You could also give each guest their own Firefighter Cup to drink out of!

Lastly, make the birthday child feel like the hero of the party with their very own fireman costume and fire chief hat… the helmets also make a great party favor!

Fireman Birthday Party Games and Activities

Have kiddos learning their letters or numbers? Try this adorable Fireman Spray Game you can play outside from Playdough to Plato.

Your little firefighter will be at the party in style with this Homemade Fireman Air Tank from Crayon Box Chronicles they can wear like a backpack.

Try a twist on a party classic and play “stick the badge on the fire dog” from The Chaos and The Clutter.

I’m loving these adorable snacks and fireman cupcakes featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams, including pretzel matchsticks.

Who doesn’t love pretending to be a fireman? Follow this cardboard fire truck tutorial from Everyday Mom Ideas for your little ones to play in during the party and afterward.

Diapered Daze and Knights has pulled together some fun (and educational) games with fire truck activity stations your kiddos can play during the party.

What toddler wouldn’t love a firefighter obstacle course? Mine would! Small + Friendly has some fun ideas!



    1. We’re just on the cusp of leaving themed birthday parties behind, too. Kind of makes me sad 🙁 But love that they’re getting older!

  1. Fire truck birthday party is one of the coolest birthday party theme. I really like your birthday activities and games, it helps kid’s to learn patience and how to work as teamwork.

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