Secret to Foolproof Easy Blanket Forts. Instant Forts, Instant Fun!

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret. But I would have written about easy blanket forts and our love of Pop Secret popcorn anyway, because that’s how my family rolls.

Just the anticipation of hiding away in a blanket fort is sure to made any toddler giggle with excitement, let alone an adult. But no matter how hard I used to try to create the perfect magical fort, that sucker always seemed to slide off of the chairs, fall off of the couches and crumble onto the floor. Talk about heart-breaking disappointment!

Secret to a Sturdy Blanket Fort | The Jenny Evolution

I’m going to give you the ultimate secret on how to build the best DIY easy blanket forts around that your kids will love and will stay up! It only takes minutes to set up, so you can pull this together even on a weeknight without a second thought. And what would a fort adventure be without a little Pop Secret popcorn to make the night that much more magical? (Want even more magic? Grab a $1 coupon off Pop Secret popcorn!)

All you need is:

  • A table
  • 2 blankets, quilts, comforters or sheets
  • Couch cushions

Yes, that’s really all you need!


To make our instant fort, we grabbed two picnic quilts. You could just as easily use sheets; however, the quilts do a bang-up job of blocking out the light so it feels that much more enclosed. I mean, if you’re going to make a fort, you might as well make it feel like a cave.


If you have a rectangular table, put the edge of one blanket at the center of your table and lay it down over the end of the table. Place the other blanket on the other side. To create a door entrance, all you need to do is grab the corner of the blanket where they meet, turn it up in a triangle and lay the extra fabric onto the table.

Secret to an Easy Blanket Fort | The Jenny Evolution

If you’re using a sheet or something light weight, you can easily keep the fabric in place with clothes pins or chip clips. I wouldn’t recommend putting anything on the table to hold it in place as your kiddo could easily pull it off.

We took our couch cushions and placed them under the table. Who wants to lay on a hardwood floor, right? And to make it feel like a complete cushion, we threw on an additional blanket over the cushions. It became like a mini bed in the fort.

Easy Blanket Fort, Movie Night and Popcorn

We decided to make our fort like a cave and turn it into a mini movie theater. I threw in a camping lantern so the boys would have some light underneath the table but they weren’t having it once they pulled down the quilt corners. In complete darkness, the two of them laid out on the couch cushions. I set up my computer and popped in Dragons: Riders of Berk.


What movie night would be complete without popcorn? I popped in a bag of Pop Secret popcorn and the entire night was set up in just minutes!

The boys settled in and watched for a full hour without a peep. My husband and I kept trying to sneak in but we were banned. Banned! From my own blanket fort! (Sigh.) Well, I guess that’s a sign that the evening was a hit.

I figured I would have to at least sweep up the floor when we put the fort away. Nope. Our Boston Terrier Lucy was more than happy to oblige and catch any remaining uneaten kernels.

Save a Buck, Share the Fun

Hop over here for a $1-off coupon for Pop Secret. Pop Secret knows that fun, like popcorn, is better when it’s shared. Send Pop Secret your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts. They might just share a little something back!

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    • HA! Loads of families are stuck inside today. Have fun! I really can’t believe I didn’t figure out to put the blanket OVER the table sooner… the fort stayed up for the entire evening πŸ™‚

  1. Blanket forts are a right of passage for kids! Everyone should experience the joy of the ultimate indoor activity. Can’t wait until we have more room so that the kids can do things like this without running over each other or an animal.

    • Thanks, Aimee! I was so tired of the kids forts breaking down (and of course the crying that followed — mine included ;-). Enjoy the Pop Secret and go make your own fort. (Sharing with the kids is optional.)

  2. Ya know, I never really thought of using the kitchen table, but that’s perfect! I may have to do that for my kiddos this weekend – they would love it!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh definitely do try it! I was so sick of the forts falling apart and the boys being upset because it wouldn’t last. Now I set them up and it doesn’t fall down! They literally hung out for more than an hour last night and it was easy to put away, too.

  3. Jenny, that fort is so cool! Too bad no one in my house is young enough to enjoy it…
    Before you pop another bag of PopSecret, please do a little research about what those bags are lined with (because it’s not an ingredient they are not obliged to disclose) then buy a great Whirly Pop and pop your own! (I’m serious.)

  4. Thank you for this fun tip. Your table looks just like mine, and my 4 year old will be so excited when we try this! And THANK YOU for the coupon too πŸ™‚