The Day I Became a Mom

The day I became a mom was not how I imagined it. I had imagined hard labor, screaming (mine) and overwhelming joy. I didn’t expect to be bored.

My first child was late, which is not unusual at all.

Ten days past my due date and about a month past my patience for this child showing up, we went in for a check-up in the morning.

There was almost no amniotic fluid left, and they needed to induce. My body had other plans.

Despite starting the Pitocin, my body was slow to get started. REALLY slow.

There was talk about doing a C-section but I kept on progressing, just not as fast as the doctors would have liked.

By evening, I was having regular contractions; however my body was not ready for labor at all. My folks were anxiously waiting at the hospital.

I told them to order a pizza and settle in.

The next morning, the OB returned surprised to see me again.

“Haven’t you had this child, yet?” she asked.

I wish.

The minutes clicked by like hours.

I watched TV.

I snoozed.

I read.

Is this what giving birth was supposed to be like?

Birthing plans don't always go the way you expect.
Me with Vman… when he finally decided to show up! He didn’t fit in newborn clothes he was so big.

By now, my primary OB visited me at the hospital and said it was time for a C-section.


This wasn’t on my birthing plan.

But life doesn’t always work out the way you planned.

Thirty-four hours after going to the hospital, I finally was a mom.

It was a lesson that came early and taught me quickly that, despite your best laid plans, children squash them.

You just have to roll with it the best you can.

Today I have two wonderful boys.

Vman is 7 years old, and Hbomb is 5 years old.

And yes, we actually call them by those nicknames.

The day I became a mom
Me with my second child, Hbomb, who was born just days before Halloween.

And in case you’re wondering, my second C-section was as easy and breezy as anyone could have wished.

And that time, instead of being bored, I found giving birth could be like a mini-vacation.

But that’s for another post.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Having had an unexpected cesarean for my first, I can totally relate to the “life not going according to plan” bit you shared. We’re preparing for kiddo #2’s arrival now, and while I hope to have a natural birth, my husband and I were talking about our need to “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” It doesn’t do anyone much good to be unprepared for a long, slow recovery 🙂 (my first birth was 24 hours labor followed by cesarean, so I got to recover from both aspects).

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    1. Yep. That double whammy was a killer for me, too! Having a schedule C-section the second time around was incredibly easy as was the recovery in comparison to the first one. Really put things into perspective about how beat up my body was the first go round. Safe delivery!

  2. Sweta Sonulkar says:

    love the story and love to win for my arriving baby this september

  3. Cheers for sharing your c-section birth stories! There are so many of us who have had to travel that route to become mom-I am one. I appreciate your story and love that you share how flexibility is so important with children around.

    1. Thanks, Jaimi. It’s true that nothing goes as planned. I just wasn’t expecting to have to face that while giving birth. Ha!

  4. marian boll says:

    This would be so perfect for my granddaughter and her new baby girl!!

  5. Gloria Walshver says:

    My Daughter-in-law gave me a great gift little Abigail so I Like to win this prize

  6. It’s good to hear the 2nd time is easier. I had preclampsia the first time with an emergency c-section. Right now we’re embarking on #2, and I’m a bit nervous. I really hope each pregnancy is different…

    1. Each pregnancy is absolutely different! And I was completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) freaked out about having the second one after the first C-section because it was such an awful experience. After being in labor for so long, they had difficulty getting my body to stop the contractions during the C-section and to sew me up. It was a long procedure!

      After the second C-section, I understood that while it’s still surgery, it really doesn’t have to knock your body for a loop.

  7. Sweta Sonulkar says:

    love to win for my arriving baby this september

  8. i hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day. I remember the day I found out my youngest was breech, I immediately knew that it usually meant that you had to have a c-section. I remember crying my eye balls out because that wasn’t in my plan. I wanted it natural and I was planning on laboring in the water. I went ahead with the c-section because it was the best decision based on the circumstances. I had an anterior placenta (where the placenta is on the top side of my belly) and it made it too risky to try an inversion.

    1. Ooof. That’s a whole load of stuff going on there, Christy! It was certainly hard to change plans midstream and have a c-section, but in the end, I got a beautiful boy and went on to have another one. So I think it all turned out okay 🙂

  9. Sweta Sonulkar says:

    love to win for my arriving baby

  10. Pitocin in a bad word in my book. 😉 My first they decided to induce, and like you, my body was not ready for that. I progressed very slowly…and got stuck at 6 cm. After hours of my body fighting it, I asked for an epidural. Turns out I think my own fear was keeping me from progressing. Right after the epi and a little nap (Heaven!) she was born.

  11. RICHARD HICKS says:

    instagram ID gmrich22

  12. Truth be told I was terrified at the thought of pushing and quite often would put out into the universe that I wouldn’t mind a C-section. Well she heard me… I too was induced, progressed slowly, got the epidural, things went a little faster then came to a crashing halt when it was deemed my son didn’t “like” labor and his heart rate slowed down big time. So between my history (i had a late term loss prior) and the current situation emergency C-section here I come! 24 hours after I started my labor journey I was a mom.

    1. Quite a war story! I wasn’t really all that concerned about pushing… but my body just didn’t want to cooperate. That’s just how it goes, sometimes. I’ve come to accept it… but it still bothers me once in a while that I didn’t get the “full” birthing experience.

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