Christmas Culling

Look around your house and notice the avalanche of toys. Now think about how many more toys are going to be in your house after Christmas. Having an anxiety attack yet? It’s time for the Christmas Culling.

Culling means to kill, slaughter, destroy or harvest. That’s right. Get ready for some Christmas bloodshed because the battle is on to take back your house, if even for a few days, before the onslaught of toys takes over again.

We do try to include the boys in this ritual; however, the concept of giving toys away to needy children isn’t enough to make them clean house. They choose a couple, and then, when they’re not at home, the real massacre begins! Garbage bags of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, massive trucks sitting idle and roaring dinosaurs that have outlived the kids’ interest all get dumped into garbage bags. The scene isn’t pretty. But this is a culling, people, not a caroling party!

This year we filled up the car and happily dropped off the toy remains at Good Will. Parents who couldn’t afford these toys will get an amazing bargain, and we will enjoy a few weeks of toy harmony before the barrage of holiday goodies once again run the house.

EVOLVE: How are you going to handle the incoming fleet of new toys this year?

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  1. ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (@Momspective) says:

    HA! I just did this yesterday, I’m enjoying the playroom now while I can.

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