Build Your Own Marble Run with MaBoRun

My boys absolutely love to build! But they couldn’t contain themselves over these build your own marble run kits from MaBoRun.

Just a note — We purchased these kits ourselves, and all opinions are mine. This post contains affiliate links.

DIY Build Your Own Marble Run Kits for Kids

Build Your Own Marble Run

We recently attended the awesome LEGO exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry  – Brick by Brick. It was all about architecture and building.

As we left, we couldn’t help but notice some of the fun building kits. My boys have always loved building marble runs. And don’t even get me started about watching marble runs on YouTube. Do you have any idea how many hours we have spent watching elaborate marble runs on YouTube?!?

MaBoRun Kit Reviews

My 7 year old wanted the mini kit (because everything should be cute — even his building projects). Meanwhile, my 9 year old wanted to try out the bigger kit.

The 4D Master MaBoRun Mini Tornado Building Kit included the following pieces and some very generic directions.

maborun mini pieces

Honestly, I thought the directions could have been better. But then again, it was more of an interesting challenge for the kids who really had to think about how things fit together. So in an odd way, it was a win.

The final product came out terrific and my 7 year old was ridiculously pleased with himself!

Mini DIY Marble Run Completed

The larger set my 9 year old chose was the MaBoRun Amazing Big Wheel. Bigger is better right? Ha!

maborun big wheel kit pieces

The kit was similar to the previous one… with unsure directions. But again, it was a great way of having to figure out the engineering and really look at the directions to figure out what they meant.

MaBoRun DIY Marble Run Big Wheel Kit

Once the kits were completed, here’s how they operated! The boys were quite pleased with themselves, really enjoyed the process (even with the directions) and asked for more kits. Oh yeah… I have kids who love to build!

These kids are no longer being made – but here are some terrific alternatives that we’ve also made!

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