A Fantasy for Any 20-Something

Canada Maple Leaf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to bed with one Canadian male in my house and woke up with three. The same could happen to you.

For any hipster in their 20s, that would have been one wild fantasy. Now, the wonderful world of Maple leaves, Canadian geese and free health care are making dreams come true.

The Canadian government decided it was losing citizens. So to keep ties to the country, they grandfathered in any child born to a person who was born in Canada.

My husband was born in Canada but has become a U.S. citizen. However, because he was born in Canada, his children can apply for dual-citizenship and become Canadian citizens no matter where they were born. They could be born in Iceland and still become Canadian citizens. Pretty cool, eh?

Now you have one more reason to shack up with a Canuck.



    1. muddymonkeysmama says:

      I’m in a house full of boys so I have to have some humor of waking up with three Canadians in the house. I’ve always loved giving my husband a ribbing when his “eh?” comes out in conversations. Now he loves giving it back with three Canucks in the house!!!

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