5 Quirky Things About Jenny

Today I am pulling back the curtain and sharing some things I don’t think I would necessarily write about… but I think they say a lot about who I am as a person.

We all have our quirks… and I’m curious how you’ll judge mine!

5 Quirky Things About Jenny

Quirky Fact #1

My eyes used to be blue but now they’re green. It’s true. I’ve always had wonderfully blue eyes. Then I got married, got pregnant and they turned green.

One of my all-time favorites pics of me and my dad. See — eyes are blue!
Florida 2007 075
And…. now my eyes are green. Thanks kids!

Quirky Fact #2

I don’t consider processed yellow mustard real mustard. Stone ground mustard? Yes. Processed and dyed mustard? No thanks.

Oh. And I prefer real mustard with my French fries. You can keep the ketchup.

Quirky Fact #3

I find it hard to walk by a pinball machine and not try it out. My parents first introduced me to pinball as a teenager, buying a couple for the basement. That was it. The whole family was hooked.

Lucky JuJu Pinball Night

Quirky Fact #4

My life is one big song. Someone can make a comment that reminds me of a song and then that song is in my head the rest of the day. Today, it was Sister Christian by Night Rider. Goodness knows what it will be tomorrow.

Quirky Fact #5

I’m a lefty. No wait. A righty. No wait. I write with my left hand and play sports with my right hand. And when I sew, I switch between hands. But I consider myself a lefty.

TELL ME: What is one quirk about you many people don’t know?


  1. Thanks for the ear worm…aaaaargh.
    Probably the fact that I secretly count Everything (OCD?!).

    1. LOL! We ALL have our own thing. And you’re more than welcome for the ear worm ;-p….

  2. I go on spurts where I try to become ambidextrous. Writing legibly with both hands? Check! Brushing my teeth effectively with both hands? Not so much. And eating soup or cereal with the non-dominant hand? Surprisingly awkward.

    I never shave above my knees.

    And as a kid I was obsessed with even numbers. If I looked at the clock when it ended in an odd number, I had to keep looking back until the last time I saw it, the last number was even.

    1. Ha! That’s a really awesome list. Thanks for sharing… and I admit… as I get older, I don’t shave above my knees either!

  3. Love ur blog. I’m tired of other moms who have special needs kids always saying what a blessing their lives are! Yes I feel God has blessed my family -5 kids who have a mom n dad who love them and are there for them always. My youngest 13 with DS and sensory issues. We had a rough start -numerous hospitalization and heart surg at 8 months. Nice to know and read that while we love our kids in a way not many people know,it is still a difficult road for many of us. Ebbs and flows. Right now has been really difficult and it’s hard to explain why have issues getting her outside.
    Noise and anxiety are impacting her life as well as mine. Very isolating and I’m trying my best to move thru as it shall pass, but a lot of days I just feel like crying. And I’m not a crying type of chick!

    1. I was never a cryer either! And yes, this whole life can be isolating… it gets tiring having to explain why we can’t do something to others.

      The thing is, while these special needs may bring wonderful qualities to our kids, they can also negatively impact them. Pretending that isn’t the case doesn’t help anyone. Keep on going, mama! I know you will and you will do a great job at it!

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