I Really Want to Hate Taylor Swift

Today I’m talking about music that I hate to love. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. All opinions are my own.

I am an “older” mom. And as an older mom and woman, I’m supposed to not like certain things… including but not limited to go-cart racing, skinny jeans and Taylor Swift.

Oh yeah. I admit it. Recently I became a full-fledged Taylor Swift fan. How is this earthly possible? I grew up on King Crimson, Violent Femmes and Three Dog Night for goodness sake!

And then, Saturday Night Live comes out with the perfect skit to explain exactly why I can’t fight the love for Taylor Swift (and the Swiftamine cure for it).

A fake neurologist named Dr. David Doctor explains: “Medically speaking, Taylor Swift onset vertigo occurs when one of her songs forces your brain to fight your ears. Your frontal lobe says, ‘Oof, Taylor Swift… she’s always wearing like a 1950’s bathing suit.’ But your ears say, ‘Shut up. This is a perfect song.'”

It’s been a while since I saw something that really hit me to the bone. How could I like Taylor Swift? And are there thousands of moms out there just like me who secretly are belting out “Shake It Off” in the car?

5 reasons I should hate on Taylor Swift but can’t bring myself to:

1. She’s a pop princess — which goes against everything I am. And yet, I kind of want the tiara, too.

2. She’s tall and model thin. Jealous much?

3. Her hair is always perfect. Always. It just makes her that much more magical.

4. She wears old-style high-wasted clothing that makes her just hipster enough to be cool but not too much that I’m forced to roll my eyes.

5. Her songs get stuck in my brain… which just makes my day all the more happier and sunnier.

Shout Out To My Fellow Taylor-lovin’ Moms

So if you’re out there (and I know you are), don’t be ashamed of your Taylor-lovin’ ways. Crank up that stereo, and sing at the top of your lungs…. ’cause haters gonna hate but I just can’t help loving Taylor Swift.

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    1. I started warming up to her from her last album — mostly because my boys knew her songs from kids at school and we could all listen to it in the car. But now…. Well, you know the story! 😀 😀 😀

  1. I found myself applauding Taylor Swift the other day and I surprised myself. I decided I do like Taylor Swift, but not for the reasons you list. She’s a young woman who has catchy tunes who is not trying to sell herself through sex, drugs, racy or scandalous images. She’s successful in a “pure” kind of way, which I think makes her a great role model for young women.

    1. Ah, I was just being silly about my list. I actually appreciate how she’s become a woman in her own right and isn’t about selling herself in ways that I’m sure the industry calls for.

  2. I have to admit I have a bit of a love/hate thing going with Taylor, too. She’s just so darned true to who she is, that I can’t really be a hater, although she’s just a bit too perfect for my taste. But, her latest video is truly fun, she’s got a very good sense of self 🙂

  3. I’m not a Mom, but I relate to this too. I am way too old to be a Taylor Swift fan but I can’t help it! She’s infectious. I think it’s weird how we set age limits around music, I mean obviously pop is aimed at younger people, but music should be for anyone to enjoy. My 67 year old Mom and I have Katy Perry sing offs in the car, we just don’t care…. I think it’s a good thing! 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! You’re as young as you feel (act?), right? And you’re absolutely right, for some reason we do put an age limit on pop. But everyone can enjoy it!

  4. Jenny, I just got your newsletter, saw this title and HAD to read it! I laughed, because I feel the exact same way! This classic rock mom wants to hate her, but she is true to herself and knows how to poke fun at herself…and her tunes are pretty catchy, too! Fun post!

    1. Ha! Love it. When she was a girl I just couldn’t take her music. But she really has come into her own, and I do appreciate her tongue in cheek humor and style that says she’s not taking everything so seriously.

  5. Great post. I love her. I don’t know why some want to be so mean. Did you see where they were bullying her at the country music awards? I thought they would be proud of her success. I want to be her or have a daughter like her, or have my son bring her home. 🙂 Now, shake it off is humming in my head.

    1. I didn’t see that… I have to imagine that people are upset such a powerhouse is leaving the country music community — but honestly, I never considered her country. She always sounded like a pop artist with a bit of twang.

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