Toning Flip Flops: Do FitFlops Really Work?


First came toning sneakers. Now comes toning flip flops for summer! And the FitFlops brand is taking the world by storm right now. But how does the FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flop really “shape up” when you look at the evidence?

What To Look For In Toning Flip Flops

1. Style: The premise behind the FitFlop is that you will benefit more from everyday activities like walking. This doesn’t mean you want to look like you’re kitted out to go to the gym all day every day, though, so you want your toning flip flops to look stylish.

2. Comfort: Next, your toning flip flops have to be comfortable. If not, you’re not going to wear them, and you’re not going to benefit!

3. Fitness Benefits: The main point of these flip flops is that they need to be well designed to help you improve your fitness.

FitFlops: Toning Flip Flops for Women Review

Features Of The FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flops

  • Styles: FitFlops come in a huge number of styles including metallic leather, sequins, suede and rhinestones
  • Color: Each style can be purchased in a variety of different colors
  • Sizes: FitFlops are available in US sizes 5-11
  • Design: They are made with EVA foam to create a “destabilizing effect”
  • Benefits: They can help to improve leg, calf and gluteal muscle activity and posture


What Customers Are Saying About The FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flop

FitFlops have been some of the best selling shoes for months now. Customers aren’t just buying them to improve their fitness and lose weight, they’re buying them because they’re extremely comfortable and stylish at the same time. Reviews are generally very positive!

Unfortunately, FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flops are only being sold in whole sizes. If you usually wear a half size then the manufacturers recommend that you choose the smaller of the two sizes. Aside from this, customers have noticed that some styles of the shoe are a little narrow and may not be suitable for those with wide feet. And, due to the height of the FitFlop, they’re not suitable for all terrain walking.

Can Toning Flip Flops Really Work?

If you’re looking for a shoe to help you tone up and lose weight, this is the big question and probably the biggest consideration for your purchase. Like other brands of toning footwear, the FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flops is made using EVA foam that creates a “destabilizing effect” as you walk. In other words, they won’t work miracles, but they will rock back and forth while you’re wearing them to help keep your muscles more active as you walk, helping you to tone up quicker than you would normally.

The experts are firmly divided when it comes to toning footwear, with many arguing that it’s simply the extra walking you’re doing that makes the difference in your fitness efforts. However, many happy customers have reported feeling extra tired and achey after using these shoes with their normal workouts. The design of the shoe can help you walk the “right way” i.e. the most effective way for making the most of those muscles!

It really is up to you whether you think it’s worth giving the FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flop a try. Many happy women swear by these shoes, but you’ll only see results if you put some effort in!


  1. Gigi - My Fab Fit Forties says:

    I have a pair of bronze FitFlops that I’ve had for years – they’re the only flip flops that I can wear for hours on end without some part of my feet hurting!! I love them!! (and they hold up really well – after all these years, they show minimal signs of wear!) Definitely worth it!

    1. So great to hear. I can’t wait for it finally to be warm enough in Chicagoland so I can get those flip flops out!

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