Father’s Day Gift Baskets: 5 Ideas For The Perfect Gift For Dad

Anyone who has children knows  moms have to put together any Father’s Day gift. While I’m sure your husband is just dying to get a tie or beer making kit (note the sarcasm), Father’s Day gift baskets can create a unique and memorable gift if you go about it the right way. Gift baskets shouldn’t be considered too girly for men. In fact, gift baskets are available in a huge range of designs to suit his personality perfectly! Here are five unique ideas for you.

1) Sports Themed Gift Baskets 

Is your husband into sports? (Again, note the sarcasm.) There are many pre-packaged Father’s Day gift baskets suitable for him. In fact, these don’t usually come in “baskets” at all, but in sports themed balls or boxes full to the brim with related goodies.

2) Gourmet Food

Men love food just as much as women, so why not put together or buy a gift basket full of his favorite treats? Cheese and wine gift baskets always go down well, or you could buy him a selection of luxury chocolates and a special liqueur. It’s all about choosing what you know he likes, but also thinking of something that he doesn’t normally eat every day. This is a treat, after all.

3) Movie Supplies

Why not put together a special movie night gift basket for hubby? You could include an iTunes gift card so he can download his favorite show or some DVDs and special snacks ready for the perfect night in!

4) Games Night

You can even use Father’s Day gift baskets as the perfect excuse to spend some quality time as a family. Put together a basket filled with games, such as a mini chess set or a brand new pack of cards, some beers (don’t forget something for the kids) and snacks and have a fun night in playing games together!

5) Anything Based Around His Favorite Hobby

Think about what your husband really loves. For example, if he loves fishing then you could put together a special basket of supplies for a fishing weekend away, including some new fishing accessories. Or if he loves to travel, why not put together a selection of treats from around the world? If there’s a particular place that he loves visiting you could create a photo album and pair that with specialist food or other items from the area.

As you can see, Father’s Day gift baskets can be a fantastic gift for dad if you consider exactly what he likes. Gift baskets aren’t girly at all as long as you fill them with things that your husband will love!

Here are some gift baskets to inspire you! Just click on the picture to get more details.

Premium BBQ Gift – Jim Beam & Jack Daniels Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket

NASCAR Racing Gift -Gourmet Gift Basket for NASCAR Race Lovers

Golf Lovers -Golfing Around Gift Basket Bag

Dart Board Set -Gourmet Dart Players Gift

Coffee Lovers Care Package Gift Box

Reel It in Gourmet Fishing Creel Gift Basket


  1. Great ideas! I never know what to get for my husband on Father’s day..

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