Father’s Day Card Idea for Kids

This Father’s Day Card idea is easy to do and fun for the kids.

Even thought the idea of giving dad a tie for Father’s Day is a time-honored tradition, this is one tie dad won’t mind getting.

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Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Father’s Day Card Idea for Kids

While I’d like to take credit for this craft, the inspiration actually comes from my local library.

That’s right — have you checked out your local library lately?

I think you’d be surprised at all of the wonderful programs going on there.

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For this project, you’ll need (affiliate links):

Directions for father’s day card idea:

Step 1: Fold the piece of construction paper in half.

Step 2: Cut about an inch or so off of the top of the construction paper only to the fold.

Keep the other side intact for now.

Cut construction paper

Step 3: With the side that still has the full length of the construction paper and using the side you already cut as a guide, cut 1.5 inch incisions on either side.

(We’ll fold these to make the collar of the shirt.)

Step 4: Draw and cut out a tie shape in your card stock.

Father's Day Card Idea 1

Step 5: Have your kiddo color in the tie… they can be as creative as they want!

Step 6: Cut out the tie and glue it to the shirt.

Step 7: Fold down the incisions you made earlier to form the collar. Glue the ends down.

Construction paper shirt collar

Step 8: Have your child decorate the inside of the card or have them fill out an “About My Dad” like we did.

They’re easy enough to find on Pinterest.

About My Dad Card

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And here’s the finished product!

Fathers Day Card Idea 2

Not sure what happened with all of the little stains on this second one… but you know… little people make big messes.

And they often have something on their fingers.

Which would explain why I always seem to have some sort of stain on my shirts 🙂

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