DIY Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte with Your Keurig
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Make your won Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte with a Keurig Coffee Machine
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1
  • Tazo Chai K-cups
  • Water
  • Milk (1%, 2% or Soy)
  • Splenda Individual Packets
  1. Place a K-Cup of Tazo Chai Tea in the Keurig
  2. Fill your coffee mug ¾ with water and pour into Keurig
  3. Add 2 individual packets of Splenda into mug (you may easily the equivalent of sugar or sugar substitute)
  4. Turn on your Keurig and brew the Tazi Chai Tea
  5. When brew is complete, fill the rest of your mug with milk. For a creamier chai, add less water and more milk.
  6. Drink immediately.
For a creamier cup of chai, add a little less water and little more milk.

Also, if you want to have a froth to your milk, put the milk into a container with a lid, shake rigorously for about 10 seconds. Then put into the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Remove carefully and then add it to your chai.
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