DIY Halloween Wreath For Under $10!

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to break your budget. You can make a really cool Halloween Wreath for less that $10 by following these easy steps. 

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DIY Make this Halloween Wreath for under $10 | Mommy Evolution

Halloween Wreath Under $10


  • Pre-made wreath from the second hand store ($1.99) 
  • Cheap can of black spray paint ($1.99) 
  • Artificial Halloween Foliage from a dollar store ($6) 
  • glue gun and glue sticks (hopefully every crafter already has at home!) 

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Step 1. Get a cheap wreath form a second hand store.

It can be any colors and look any way you like because it will be spray painted black. 

Buy a wreath at a second hand store

Step 2. Go to a big box or hardware store and get the cheapest black spray paint available from .99 – $2. 

Step 3. Go to the dollar store and get artificial flowers and foliage to add to your wreath.

Grab a few spooky items like the skulls shown here, or ravens, rats, etc. 

You can spend the rest of your $10 on these. 

choose your artificial plants from the dollar store and cut them apart into smaller, individual sections

Step 4. Spray paint wreath and let dry.

spray paint the wreath

Step 5. Find the empty spaces in the wreath and add foliage into those spaces.

Rearrange the elements until it looks like you want it to. 

secure the new pieces with a glue gun

TIP: Cut the fake plants into smaller pieces in order to get more color throughout the entire wreath.

Also, place long pieces going in the same direction as the wreath. 

Step 6. Use the glue gun to secure pieces in the wreath. 

final orange and black wreath SQUARE


Step 7. Hang and enjoy! 

How to make a black Halloween wreath for under $10 | Mommy Evolution


  1. I love this wreath. I love recycling items and I’m a big fan of the Dollar Store. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing on Sunday’s Best. I’m pinning this wreath. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  2. This is really cute. Being able to make things cheaply and yet well is a wonderful bit of knowledge to have.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you when we open our doors next Friday at 12 AM EST.

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